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Postpartum depression can happen to fathers too. Signs & Causes

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A reality often ignored is that post-childbirth, many men are also vulnerable to depression. Yes, the number of women with depression post-pregnancy is much higher but men who go through depression post having a child are as susceptible and it can be a serious disorder to manage.


What are the causes for depression in men after becoming a father?

  • Men may be used to spending time and having their spouses' full attention. That changes when a baby comes into the family. The changes in dynamics can be emotionally triggering for the father too.

  • Provider pressure: A new father feels intense pressure to ensure to provide for the child, this can ramp up stress around finances and career.

  • Spouses’s health - A man can get affected emotionally if his spouse is not keeping well. It is not pleasing at all to see your own partner suffer without you being able to quickly resolve it for her.

  • Broken sleep, tiredness, lack of activity time that was once pleasurable can push a person to depression.


Men & depression: Know the signs

Some of the more common signs in men include:

  • Anger, irritability, or aggression.

  • Loss of interest in work or favorite activities.

  • Working all the time.

  • Acting distant or withdrawing from family and friends.

  • Feeling frustrated, discouraged, or cynical.

  • Feeling sad, hopeless, or overwhelmed.

Men who have a history of depression might be at greater risk of postpartum depression. So are new fathers whose partners also have postpartum symptoms.


Help for Men's postpartum depression

Unfortunately, many men laugh off the idea of paternal postpartum depression. And even if they accept it’s the real deal, they might not admit it’s affecting them.

It's important first to

  1. Accept and acknowledge that something is not working and is off

  2. Talking about this in family and also with a professional psychologist

  3. Spending time with spouse and communicating with each other to lessen the hurt.

  4. Giving yourself time and believing in yourself as a man is important

  5. Going slow and even asking for some time out from work can help get the needed rest and perspective

If you or your loved one is going through depression, acceptance is the first step. Depression is a disorder and you must get professional help. The more you ignore this, the more it keeps coming back and will heavily interfere with your work life, professional and personal life as well as physical health and may also lead to continuous hopelessness and lack of energy.

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