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Self doubt and confidence issues

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Self-doubt and confidence issues are very common nowadays.

Why does self-doubt develop?

Self doubt is developed due to belittling self and/or achievements. Self doubt is a result of low self – esteem. Everyone lacks confidence or doubts themselves once in a while but if it is persistent with a lot of criticism towards self it leads to a feeling of unhappiness or dissatisfaction. Poor treatment from partner or parent. Stress, chronic medical problem, physical disability also plays an important role in self-doubt.    

Self-doubt is developed due to negative thought patterns.

There are many causes of self-doubt. It may include unhappy childhood or having people around you who are extremely critical, failure in achieving desired goals, relationship issues or financial concerns, constant criticism from loved ones.  

What are its signs?

Self-doubt can strongly affect how you view and react to the things happening in your life.

A person with self doubt often judges themselves using the self talk which is often negative, critical or blaming themselves. They use negative words to describe themselves. Self doubt makes them extremely critical of themselves. They end up not taking credits for their achievements and assume that luck plays a large role in all their achievements or success. Self doubt can lead to a lot of blaming oneself when things go wrong. Self doubt makes downplay or ignore the positive qualities of one. It becomes difficult to improve self esteem if it is causing other problems.   

What self doubt leads to? 

Self doubt can lead to lack of social isolations, anxiety, depression or other emotional issues. Negative self criticism can lead to persistent feeling of sadness, anger, shame or guilt. Self doubt results into low resilience, lack of self care, fear of trying. Self doubt can cause self doubt can affect perception of the partner and can cause dissatisfaction in relationship. Self doubt often creates a lot of insecurities which can significantly affect relationship with partner. Self doubt or low confidence can make one feel hopeless and engaged into drug abuse or eating disorder or suicide.

How to get self-doubt under control

Talking to a trusted friend or family member can help you to gain some insight. Seek out mental health professional health to learn strategies to build confidence. It is a gradual process to build up confidence and work on self-doubt with proper attention. Making some positive statements about yourself, appreciating and giving credit to yourself for your small achievements, not comparing yourself with others, acknowledging compliments, communicating your needs or beliefs are the few techniques that can be used to boost your confidence and work on self-doubt. Seek mental health professional help to learn how to appreciate and like yourself regardless of the circumstances in step by step manner. Showing unconditional support for yourself, being empathetic towards your own needs, regular exercise can help you to elevate your mood and build up confidence. Choose quality people in your life who will help you to feel good about yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone goes through lows and highs of life and it is absolutely normal to experience all of it without blaming own self. It is important to learn with each experience and work on the present to enjoy the future. In very simple words, if you are not happy how you can make others feel happy.     

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