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Separating a husband from his wife emotionally is the worst thing that families do

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She only wants to sit with you! Other daughters-in-law are not like that! They understand. They are for the whole family! They don’t try to separate and be just with their husband!

You spend son much time with her. You have forgotten mom. They are right when they say men change after marriage!

Don’t talk to her publicly. Your respect will become less. They will think you are joru ka ghulam!

Everyone gets married. Big deal. She cannot use that to emotionally drain you. She needs to accept what everyone does! Or she shouldn’t have married!

Mom used to sit in the front seat with you! Don’t give her place to anyone!

She needs to adjust here. Men don’t change homes. Women do and there is a reason!

This and more and much more was said about me, to separate my husband from me, to make him feel guilty of his time towards me!

And this was the worst! I had left my life, changed my emotions to be with a man who was going to my life partner! And I was away from my family, my parents, who had loved me unconditionally, pampered me!

I was suddenly thrown into a zone of on being on the mercy of women who hadn’t done anything good with their life!

I was devastated and lonely! I joined iwill therapy to manage myself and my emotions and then my husband joined too!

It was in therapy that my husband could see,

1. How if I would have given similar arguments about having a family to ignore him, how would he feel?

2. How would he have felt if he was isolated like that, in someone else’s home, and given the argument that such abuse happens with everyone!

3. How is it ok for people who are supposedly family to be asking a family member to ignore another family member? Does it happen in families or is it pure insecurity?

And my husband could see , how he had been abusing me, isolating me, making me feel lonely and vulnerable and alone and dark!!

He changed but that doesn’t change one thing and that is people who want a husband to ignore their wife are worst! I wasn’t separating him from anyone! I was here to be their own! To feeel a 25 year old girl has motives of this nature is heartbreaking!

Glad IWill helped us out of the mess but that doesn’t lessen the pain and anger... it just has helped me to move on and let go

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