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Setting boundaries in families is healthy. Everyone should have space to be self 

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Will you take up that job? This is not how it works in our family. 

You won’t come with us? I was expecting you to be there with me. This is something that I want. 

You have changed. You have now new people with who you spend time 

I must tell you he/she is not being respectful of you. Look at others. Only you have a partner that doesn’t care.


If this is a pattern that you recognize that defines how things are at your home, this means there are poor boundaries for self and for relationships at play. 


Love and bonding in family is paramount. And of course individuals in families need to stand with each other, be there for each other, love and offer support! 

But this is not at the cost of an individual’s basic ambitions, need for independent love relationships, decisions of where and how to spend leisure time at and so on. 



Poor boundaries in homes lead to a host of emotional and mental health concerns. 

They can lead to 

- emotional issues and frustration due to choked ambitions 

- relationship issues and depression sometimes too because of interference and lack of to one strong bonds 

- apathy, anger, and resentment from within due to repressed and suppressed individual needs that when coming out, lead to complete destruction of family love 

- general unhappier, quarrelsome atmosphere. 

It’s important here to realize and ask questions to yourself 

Do I have poor boundaries with other family members? Do others around me and in-home suffer too? Is there a lot of pent-up or active emotional pain because of this?

If yes, then this is what needs to be worked at. Seek therapy at IWill if you need, support, help with creating better individual and/or couple boundaries too. It’s important to invest in yourself, your mental health and have a life that has space for growth and love for you, while also having the comfort and duties of being a family.

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