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She is not running away from your family, she is running away from the pain.. as a man I realised it. Here is how

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What happens when she wakes up in her home?

Well, there is a hug between her mom and her.. she insists on making something for her mother but her mother stops her from doing that. They do things together, and even my father in law joins in. It's a happy scene for her for sure

And when she wakes up at yours ?

I think she is first to wake up. She was late earlier here too but then there were some arguments on this as to how its unfair for her to be sleeping. We have a maid, but my wife makes her own breakfast.

What she puts on the table, is eaten, she is still not around and we are talking of our family stuff

And do you think your wife resists talking?

May be yes now, but no when she came she was all hearts, smiling, wanting to talk, she would also make me laugh but then suddenly everyone felt it was out of line and over the top so it stopped.

Ok and do you spend time with her when she is in her home?

I don't stay the night there usually. My parents don't like it but yes we spend time, they encourage us to go out and they are happy.

And at your place, since you are all the time there, I am assuming you would be spending lot of time together 

We used to at the start, but then not now. See everyone thought that I was just forgetting duties of a son and my wife and I were just ignoring others...

I don't want to give this feeling anymore to anyone..so no we don't go out very frequently, it's usually at home and usually I stay around in living room until late.

And what else does she do at your home?

She is quiet, usually cooking or working on her laptop, and as we are in therapy you know, many times she is just crying and I don't understand

Well then the iwill therapist said, it's clear you shared what you can't understand.

You see she is running away to her home, away from this home,

she is crying because of what she is missing, because of what

she is not getting, basic attention, empathy, human love, your love.

You both got married. That is the deal and you need to be there for her. You aren't there for her and no one else is either.

At her home atleast she had a family who loved her, imagine the loss she feels.

She is in love with you and that is why you guys are here in iwill therapy, making things work out but for them to do work out, You have to embrace the fact that this condition needs to change.

No you can't ignore her..you are not becoming a bad son. This is become a bad couple relationship.

Her laughter should have been music, not noise. She brought joy, not

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