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Signs a loved one is making their depressed family person more lonely

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A person with depression is battling extreme hopelessness. They don’t feel like doing anything because they are exhausted from trying and failing, from being in pain, from being listening to things that make them self-doubt!

Depression is one’s worst enemy! And when depression strikes, the will to live starts going away too! What a person needs here is empathy, love, compassion, understanding, support. A person with depression needs effort from loved ones to resolve differences, to make changes... 

But sometimes the opposite happens, which breaks a person even more 

Here are the signs a loved one’s action make a person more lonely in depression 


1. Blaming them for their situation 

Oftentimes, loved ones have issues understanding what depression does! They blame the person for their conduction. They blame them for being lazy, for being moody, for being not adjusting enough, for being not good and this leads to more pain, more self-doubt, and more internal exhaustion in a person who is depressed! 


2. Not listening to their emotions and blocking their needs 

You drain me!

I won’t listen to you. You are doing this drama to really get me to do things you want! 

I can’t listen to you. It’s really a lot of nagging. I have to go. I can’t sit with you crying and making no sense! Grow up! 

If this is what a loved one says over and over again, to their depressed family person, they will isolate him or her further, making them question their self-worth and happiness! 



3. Forcing them to do things they are unable to

“You must go there. I don’t care how you feel. We are social people”

“You should speak to them. Don’t be so weak”

“Get up now! Don’t be so lazy... don’t make excuses..


Even if you want your loved one to get active, you need to understand they are battling a real illness. And it’s important to give them space, be with them, help them get the strength. Attacking them and forcing them

Will worsen their illness and emotional pain!


4. Isolating them 

I don’t want to talk to you.

I don’t want to be with you. You drain me!

You have started enjoying your negativity and pain! 

You are always complaining. You are never happy... 

If you say this to your loved one because you are irritated with them or their behavior, the impact of this can be detrimental to their self-esteem! 


They don’t cry to make you listen! They cry because of immense pain and hurt that’s breaking them!

Depression happens for reasons either in life or due to genetics. Either way, it’s not a person’s fault! Either way, it’s not them being lazy or dramatic or weak or selfish! It’s an illness. 

When loved ones attack further, depression worsens. It makes it difficult for a person to hold on!

In iwill therapy, we do not just take therapy sessions with the person who is depressed, to understand them better and help them heal! But we also always have sessions with a loved one at some stage. This is important because depression is a lonely battle, oftentimes triggered due to family and personal situations! A family person’s support, some positive changes around, and a lot of understanding become a must for helping a loved one come out of depression!

Seek therapy at iwill! As a loved one support, listen, be there, don’t judge, acknowledge and even change things for your loved one In a positive way! 

They are precious and this is the best and the only time to recognize this and act accordingly! 


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