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Signs of depression that you should not ignore

IWill expert

We don’t talk about mental health in this country.
We blame our pain on luck, on circumstances but we never look for a real problem of our failures, our setbacks, and our lack of happiness! Many times it is depression

Yes you could have had failures, have bad people in life but if the pain from it sustains and remains with you for longer, the trauma stays, the will to live diminishes, it means the bad incidents have stayed back as depression!

Depression can be overcome! You don’t have to stay in pain. You don’t have to lose it all and have no accomplishments in life! You need to start therapy to make sense of trauma and to erase its negative impact and memory!

So what are the signs of depression you should not ignore?

1. Inability to stay happy
No matter what you do, if your sadness outlives your ability to be happy or stay normal and this happens consistently over a period of time, then this could be depression!

2. Inability to focus and having memory issues

I had so much to do or did I have nothing? What do I even have to do and why? If this is a question that plagues you a lot these days, it could be depression. If whenever you try to focus on a task, you feel tired and overwhelmed and want to give up, it could be depression!


3. Inability to hold normal conversations, everything is leading to annoyance or friction 

This is a lesser talked about sign,  but if you feel everyone is misunderstanding you, if you get snappy on others or feel difficulty in listening or holding a conversation or feel unable to connect with anyone, this could be a sign of depression!


4. Feeling a lot of guilt 


I didn’t do things the right way. 

I didn’t listen to what others said!

I am the problem hence things don’t work out for me!

If you feel guilt often that breaks you, that makes you feel extremely restless, it could be a strong sign of depression 


5. Need to escape

If you constantly float between a need to escape and a need to prove , a float between a need to stop existing or a need for everything to magically improve, if you cannot do things actively or assertively to make things better, this could be depression!

Depression is a learned dullness, pain, trauma, and clouding of happiness! Through therapy and talking with a professional psychologist, these layers of pain, of stored pain and assumptions in mind can be challenged, to help you see yourself from distance as an observer and see how you were not at fault, how you deserve and can get another chance, see how you can be happy again and take you there!


Start IWill therapy today. More than 1,00,000 + people have taken IWill therapy now. Depression is no longer a taboo or a thing to be carrying all your life! You deserve happiness, success and laughter and healing from that Sticky, breaking trauma 

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