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Signs of Loneliness and how it impacts mental health 

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Loneliness is a silent killer.  Loneliness is a feeling, state of mind that makes people suffering from it feel that they are unwanted, alone, unloved, not understood, and not cared for by anyone. 

Loneliness can be both because of real social isolation because of others or it could be a state of mind due to depression where a person feels alone, dejected, unloved even when people are around. 

Loneliness is strongly linked with depression, social anxiety, and relationship issues; sometimes events like divorce or someone’s death. 


The signs and symptoms of loneliness are 

1. Feeling like no one is there to care 

2. Difficulty sharing the feelings or speaking because either no one wants to listen or the person feels an invisible wall is created 

3. Sadness and emptiness stemming from lack of social warmth 

4. Feel “isolated”. Everyone else looks happier, looked after but not self 

5. Feeling uncared for... usually this happens when a person has no one who cares for them genuinely and their emotions.

6. Feeling a deep sense of pain within and lack of purpose

7. Incessant crying and self-pity 


Causes of loneliness 

1. Social isolation by family or people around

2. Loss of a loved one 

3. Depression or other mental health issues 

4. Being in troubled dynamics of family 

5. Sudden change in life and place 

6. Failures or other personal issues 

7.  Loss of work

8. Anything that a person has difficulty adjusting to.

9. A severe illness


Loneliness can lead to 

1. Risk of suicides 

2. Loss of work and good life 

3. Loss of appetite or food habit changes especially if depression is present 

4. Higher risk of severe depression 

5. A state of complete lack of happiness and internal choking


Overcoming loneliness 

1. Therapy: it’s important to know what is triggering loneliness in you. Is it because of depression or is it triggered by unfulfilled expectations of loved ones around or due to a life event. The reason for loneliness and the associated expectations, loss of happiness, assumptions with it are explored in therapy to help change some of these systematically, to help create a new life through a shift in how we see ourselves.

2. Expecting best consciously: loneliness forces people to expect rejection or being ignored. Consciously try to expect acceptance, inclusion, and happiness!

3. Socialising with people: no matter who has isolated you, there are always people who care for you, who love you, and make new friends. 

4. Taking care of your inner self: loneliness can also be a result of our ignorance of self. Many times to fulfill the needs of others and to just go on with the flow, we ignore our goals, happiness, and emotions. All of this leads to a lingering sense of loneliness. So take care of your inner self! 

Loneliness can lead to health issues, a life of pain, and a lot of hurt. Please consider seeking therapy if you are feeling rejected, isolated, uncared for, and like you are alone... it’s loneliness and it’s a terrible state of mind that needs address! 

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