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Signs you are having a mental break down and you need support, help, compassion, love and everything that can help you heal

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1. Disturbed Sleep

If you can't sleep, if you are awake until late in the night and your mind is abuzz with thoughts and/or you distract yourself watching things that stop you from having those thoughts and your sleep has reduced greatly from your average sleep time, it's a sign of mental break down.

Similarly oversleeping, inability to feel the energy or need to wake up or face what is there, consumed in thoughts, tired and not wanting to get out of bed is again a sign of mental health issues that have escalated.


2. Crying spells at the drop of things or high irritability 

If you are going through a cycle where just about anything can make you cry, you feel sad, you feel weighed down, you feel irritable and restless, you feel hurt and unstable emotionally, snd this has been going on, you need help, because this may be a break down.


3. You speak less or more and usually it's due to pain 

If you speak less, go silent, smile less, feel less happy inside, or you speak and when you speak it's about stress, pain, you want to speak more and still feel you are heard less because there is so much pain, it's sign things are not easy on you. You are going through things you shouldn't be going through and it's sign of a mental health break down


4. You feel defeated at times and as though things are out of control.

Sometimes it can be a lot of failures, a lot of personal attacks, emptiness that can create this sense that all is lost, it creates this illusion of being stuck in a bubble that will never burst. This is sign snd it's call for help. Yes rough times are hard. Yes situations can be so bad but nothing should and can keep you in a bubble..there is a way out and that way out is reaching out for help.


5. You are going through days and nights without living them

This is almost always there. Mornings happen and night passes without ever feeling like you lived in them, it feels like just something happening to you as opposed to you being in charge. And this feeling can be very draining. It is a sign of mental breakdown.

[List is not exhaustive, other things like changed food habits, excessive anger, rage, concentration issues can all mean this]

What can be done and should be done 

1. Professional therapy help immediately

We don't keep suffering from physical ailments. We shouldn't do that to our mind. We don't deserve any punishment. We don't have to let it happen to us for learning, for guilt, for pain, for anger. We deserve better and its important to seek help.

Start IWILL therapy today. We have helped so many of us feeling the same way and it comes from space of understanding, non judgement and helping you come out of this, as soon as possible, now rather than later 


2. You need love

Love is absolutely needed. You need to feel at home, you need to feel that people need you. If it's not coming from. Family, it can come from friends, it can from parents, from spouse, it should come and that's why even in therapy, we many times have sessions online with families too. It becomes important 


3. You need to go easy on yourself. Yes you do

We all lose.

We all make mistakes in judging people.

We all see bad ones around us getting happier.

We all live in a world of our own realizations and its never and not our fault.

Let go and get help. You can be and will be helped. Seeking therapy doesn't make you weak. It allows you to address all this weight you have been dragging on alone.


Seek help today if you have noticed these warning signs in you and/or your family.

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