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Signs you are living in a toxic environment and it’s breaking you

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Toxic environments are ones that make people living in them stressed out, unhappy, anxious, and sometimes even depressed.

Here are the signs you are living in a toxic environment

1. People want you to make all the sacrifices, give attention and love while never reciprocating or even considering returning the same to you.

If you live with people who Expect you to be calm, peaceful, forgiving, serving, compassionate, giving to them, while never caring for your needs, or even validating your need for love, where they even find it difficult to talk about your needs, then this is definitely a toxic environment!

And its impact would have been emotionally really draining on you!

2. Jealousy and lack of happiness or good vibes for your growth

If you sense people get unhappy, snub when it is about your success and happiness, behave awkwardly and almost visibly affected by your happiness. If they slander, attack you immediately after something that made you happy, it reveals this is a very toxic environment for you, probably causing you a lot of hurts.

3. Blame and drama

If your environment is such where you are blamed for things or everything is too dramatic, for small little things that you do, you are attacked and made to feel like the culprit. Drama is every minute and guilt is the favorite tool of controlling. If this is your environment, you would be very shy to share your needs, feel embarrassed to share your self-care needs, and usually have a lot of anxiety, discomfort, and suffocation.

A person living in a toxic environment misses out on goals, feels ashamed to be self, feels lonely and inhuman, and really feels abused yet stuck in it due to drama and situations.

If you are struggling with a toxic environment at your home too, it’s important that you seek help, learn to assert, are able to bring toxic people to stop their abuse, have boundaries, and be able to move away from fake guilt.

At IWill, 100’s of clients are in IWill therapy to overcome trauma, hurt, and pain, and lack of motivation and sadness that arises from the toxic environment and people. (For booking sessions with IWill therapy download the app and begin now, there are discounts on programs currently: https://epsyclinic.page.link/ezHe )

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