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Sister's marriage made me realise that my family had Double standards for my wife and relationship.

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We want you to get only love in your family Dear daughter.

Book a long vacation for your sister and brother in law, they need time together! 

Go and invite your brother in law. We need to strengthen this bond, he is our son too. And when we are also part of the family, only then your sister will be happy.

Your sister should get more love there, this is our wish, she is so pampered here.

She is so sensitive.

Wow he bought gifts for our daughter, that is great, ofcourse he would do this, after all he is the husband.


This and more were was said for my sister and i was shocked at the hypocrisy I faced when it came to my wife and our marriage.

For me it would be said

Don't go to her parents so much. She is married here, not the other way around. Some distance in relationships should always be kept. 

You bought this gift for her. There are others too. Don't set wrong expectations. And your first responsibility is your family. She only came yesterday.

She really wants to create distance and you also have forgotten your duties. She is not the first girl to be married, rather than doing her duties towards her house, why does she want vacations? 

She acts so childish, wonder why she expects so much attention.

All and more of this was said and done for my wife

 I got so unsure that I started ignoring her,.I didn't want quarrels in my life and I was also manipulated.

I saw my wife slipping in pain and my family continued to blame her for being non adjusting, not like an ideal wife or daughter in law.

My wife was so broken that she started therapy at IWill. She would always say that it's so sad that the marriage i thought would bring most happiness, has actually broken me.


She healed in therapy, focusing on her career and becoming her own support. 

I feel now that I had let her so much down due to this hypocrisy. I thought my family must be right and I didn't see how alone, isolated and hypocritically my wife was treated.

I have joined couple therapy too now at IWill and me and my wife are healing our relationship, I am learning to stand up for her, to remove trauma of past hurt, to bring her lost happiness back and supporting her against the discrimination at home.


I speak and assert too and no more do i allow this hypocrisy be thrown at us. I spend time with my wife, I buy her things, I visit her parents and I have no shame or fear in doing this basic for her and me!

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