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Small misbehaviors at husband’s home have big impact on wife’s mental health

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When the husband doesn’t talk to you when coming back at home, gives time to everyone else but you and people say it’s “small thing”, imagine how it feels to be in that home for that man, having all your emotions tied to him and he not giving any attention, ignoring his wife..: imagine what this small thing does on emotions, respect, self-esteem!

Imagine someone saying that “you don’t fit here, everyone else is such a great daughter in law, you are “different”.

These small things make you feel unwanted, insulted, compared, ridiculed, left behind... the impact of its big.

Imagine someone not talking to you, while you being there... nothing about you is wanted to be heard... imagine how it feels to be irrelevant in your own home, on a dining table, day in and day out!

Imagine when you are unwell, no one cares... when someone else is unwell, everyone cares..imagine how it feels that your health, that your being unwell matters to no one, no one cares for you.. imagine how this small thing feels...

Imagine when you don’t eat , after a fight, you can go hungry for hours or even days, no one cares... your husband is more worried of the fight. On ego, but not on how much the wife is suffering, that egos are better than health. 


Small things that happen daily are not small, they are abuse... they break a human being, their respect, their worth... 

I was in depression. I was in therapy at iwill.
And people and everyone around used to think it was my fault that I was sad, hopeless, in pain.

Everyone would say, you get upset on small small things!

Today I am better due to iwill therapy. I have learned to stop these small things, not be dependent on anyone, assert for myself, not be a slave of someone’s recognition, ask my parents to support me, focus on my work and career!

I have blocked these “small things” that were breaking me down... and people who caused this too. 

Small things are not for adjustment, they are abuses! And no woman deserves it. I am not breaking today because I have took a firm stand but if a woman has to tolerate it, it breaks her mental health! And breaks her happiness! 

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