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So gaslighted that you have started believing you are responsible for all problems

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Gaslighting is a manipulation tactic used by someone to alter someone’s reality, to make them feel they are guilty when they are not, to blame them of the problems around to be their fault, when in fact it’s the other way around, to blame them for causing issues, when in fact they are just reacting to someone’s plot.

Gaslighting can be very distressing for the victim and cause severe mental and emotional health concerns!

If someone is being wronged and at-least someone owns up to their mistake, change can happen but someone who has a gas-lighter around, not just the problems never change but the blame of those also fall on the person, bringing in negativity, guilt, shame, confusion on this! 

Examples of gaslighting are as follows 


1. If someone just asks for a time by a partner who is ignoring them and the partner turns it back saying this nagging is exactly why they don’t spend time with them, this is an example of gaslighting!

2. If someone doesn’t allow someone to work, breaks their confidence, their spirit at every step of the way, and then when due to pain, confidence issues a person does worse, they mock and blame the person to be ineffective and incapable. This is an example of gaslighting! 

3. If someone fights and abuses a person and they react and retaliate and raise voice and then the former blame them for being a trouble maker, this is an example of gaslighting 

4. If someone doesn’t allow a person to win or succeed by blocking their way due to jealousy, but then blame them for being a loser, it’s gaslighting! 


Gaslighting causes deep-seated hurt, anguish, confusion, self-doubt and immense hurt.

Many clients in therapy at IWill have been abused through gaslighting. Therapy helps them to see how they were damaged through manipulation, cut the manipulation, become assertive, stand for self and build confidence that is lost! 

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