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Some people act sweet and use sweet words to say the most hurtful things is worst. PAINFUL

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Welcome, you have come, I was here since yesterday, what was so important that you couldn't come earlier.

You are looking nice, oh your hair they look messy, happens sometimes, ha ha.

Wow you won an award. Congratulations, so proud of you. And also, what happened to your promotion, you couldn't get that one?

You are very smart, I wish to listen to you sometimes but most of the times I want to listen to my daughter, her advise is the best.

Glad he could come, looks like you gave him permission, without that these days he can't do anything.

Your mother is so nice. She looks very old though now. She talks a lot too. I mean she likes to talk a lot, nor everyone can talk this much.

Some people are like this. They act sweet, sugar coat things and attack you in the same sentence, insult you where it hurts the most.

You know they will make use of information that is painful about you, say things that belittle you and make you feel the worst.

They affect your mental health and no matter how much you assert, they repeat abuse you, they abuse you In a group, if they can't do it, they make others do it.

But their presence, their space, you will be made to feel empty.

And you would want to escape, not meet but still these words would haunt, because you can't say it out loud. They act so sweet that no one would believe you!

I faced this abuse for years and it broke me. It also filled me with anger and resentment that kept getting worse because it never could be spoken about. They would be appreciated for their niceness and yet you know how much they hurt You through small yet consistent and painful remarks, comparisons, insults.


I joined IWill therapy because I had lost faith in myself. Felt like I am in a black box, I had developed serious self confidence issues and a lot of hurt.

Therapist helped me to see that some people are insecure and may have their reasons, their perceptions, I could not judge myself or limit myself to how they saw me.

They deserved lot less attention than probably I was giving them. They didn't deserve that mind space.

She helped me see that the more I do my own thing, grow, laugh, fun, the more they lost the power to hurt me.

She helped me also assert, speak for myself even when remarks were passive or indirect. One should not get away with abusing you freely by being indirect.

Therapist helped me recover and re learn how I saw myself, speak, assert and not feel alone in all this!

Sweetness is sometimes the most sharp and isolating weapon, no one believes or stands for you, sometimes your own mind is puzzled, but you need healing from trauma just like any abuse. You deserve better.

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