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Some people act sweet on face but harm and plot so much behind your back

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Some people in front of others act like they are the best people. But as soon as you are alone with them, their vibes change, they get sarcastic or just ignore you. 

They would also always try to act like they are morally better than you, that they care more in front of others, always showing how they sacrifice. And they care for everyone.

Everyone would think they are so concerned for you, they are so nice. But you are shocked as you see them always trying to paint a picture that is poor of you through this, signal how someone else is just so less.

I was so helpless because this morally high person was the same talking behind my back, they would make others feel like I was careless, I was non considerate, random things about me and random observations that would make others feel I am bad.

And this started having more negative impact for me.


They would be ignored or made to feel like I was wrong in a group, people would be sarcastic to me, they would ask me things like, why don't you help. Why don't you pay attention here and why don't you take care of this person, how much they do and how was i so selfish.


I would be so pained.

I would be attacked by people around this person. Even my loved one has started reacting. AND it would always be in the context of how I was doing less for this person or comparison with them or something that happened between us, very casually when no one was there.

It took me time but I understood that were convincing and saying people things about me behind my back. The goodness was just a farce.

I had trusted them thinking they are so nice but they were so insecure. They were attacking me behind my back and sweetness was just a garb.

I was completely isolated and no one trusted me, because everyone had always seen this person being so nice to me. 

I started IWill therapy sessions and it was in sessions that I healed myself and learned to assert, to communicate with people around, to also confront politely this person when they were being fake, and also not letting them set a narrative about me.


She also helped me in setting my boundaries and understanding that not everyone is sensitive and straight forward. I had to not be overly hurt because someone chooses to have a poor behavior.

I started maintaining my distance and also focusing more and more on self, and being less available to this abusive pattern.

Some people still think i am the bad one but I can't change how people perceive me. I am focused on myself, of letting go how this person chooses to be and focus on self, and continue doing that.

My loved one attended therapy too and they could see how I was nor at fault, how i was treated poorly behind their back, how sometimes the behavior was only a farce and that he needed to accept me too.

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