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Some people always use you and backstab you. They cause the worst pain 

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When they need you 

They will call you at any time of the day. When they need your support, they know you are empathetic and will be there for them. 

They would tell you stories about others and make you fight for them without saying a word. They would make you quarrelsome in other person's eyes.

They would always tell you stories of how much others have hurt them, and how life is so bad for them.

Whenever they want you to do something for them, they will make sure they ask you.

They will make you feel like you are probably a great person in private


But the same people will backstab you at the first go

When it comes to their insecurity, when your success, your love, and your attention are making them jealous and uncomfortable, they will block you.

THEY will be the first ones to make you look bad in front of others.

In public, they will insult you and do it all the time and you would be shocked... 

They will make sure you lose all your space.

They would never be happy with your success.

They would always try and keep an upper hand


And yet with all this, they maintain this dual face with such ease...

It had broken me completely because these people were so close that I couldn't just leave them. It was like emotional harassment, denial of respect, of so many rights that I had...

AND I didn't understand myself. I would be backstabbed and yet I would get ready to be abused again with some lame excuses. Rather I was so afraid of the drama that I couldn't stand up for myself.

Their harm was taking my chances away. And I was also angry at the karma, it never attacked them, it only attacked me...


I joined iWill therapy when I was completely isolated and alone and broken by this backstabbing, by isolation... I felt emptied and used...


It was in therapy that my therapist helped me a lot!

First, she helped me assert, stand for myself, not be available for the same people and not feel guilty when I draw that boundary... MY SELF DEFINITION SHOULD not have included abuse as a part of it! 


She then helped me get stronger emotionally, heal, have a distance, and not continuously watch what they did. I was more important.

She also helped me learn the art to say WHAT I felt respectfully without ambiguity and stand for my rights and voice my concerns when someone was downright breaking me! 


I learned that people will backstab, and talk bad, my mental health is what is important and somewhere i give them this power over me... I needed to stop that and IWill helped me.. 

People like this exist, don't damage your mind space for them, don't let them control your life! 

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