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Some people are bad for your mental health! Recognize and take charge 

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Some people are just bad for your mental health. They are toxic for you due to their own insecurities or hurt but whatever be the reason, they damage the mental health of those around them too.


Signs that someone is bad for your mental health and examples are as follows. 

1. Those that intentionally ignore you and try to show you don't matter

Some people around you will ignore you, show your opinions don't matter, you are not welcome to them, they will shower love on others but only have contempt or ignorance for you. 

Such behavior makes a person question what is wrong with them, what should they do to make others notice them, feel empty, and then have fear of being in such settings. This behavior over time can be very damaging, can cause pent-up anger, hurt, and heartbreak! 


2. Those that compare you to cause you hurt and sting 

Some people around will compare you with others, constantly remind you about things in you that are not enough, make you feel less, incapable, and unsure of yourself... Such people who insight within you a belief that you are not worthy nor enough, can not only damage your mental health for a short period of time but can also lead into a permanent state of where you feel unhappy with yourself, constantly inadequate and less... 


3. Those who show ego towards you and make you feel less important

Sometimes closest people around you try to show how you have to listen to them to be respected by you, to be loved and valued by you. Sometimes people around you make you feel that they don't need you how much you love them or take care of them... This feeling is the most unsettling, threatening, and emptying feeling to have...

So if you find yourself stuck with people who are mentally depleting you, it's NOT YOUR FAULT AND YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It's not something that you should feel guilt for.

Seek therapy at IWill... You need to rebuild your strength, you need to stand, distance, find a new purpose away from toxicity! You need to find people who love you, undo all the trauma, and have a good life...

Couple therapy can also help where if one of the partners is facing abuse, hurt, other rather than judging and taking sides, can understand and stand with them.

Don't let toxic people endlessly damage your mental health! 

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