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Some people want to destroy your image and relationships. They are the worst

Sakshi Khurana

You know mummy, she doesn’t care at all. If she cared for this home, she wouldn’t have run to her mother. Ok she is unwell but you are unwell too!

I don’t even know if she can take care of this house. Her husband is just working and she spends all the money!

I cannot trust her with communicating. I want to do it. She is way too rude!

She is trying to manipulate my brother! All the time, she even stops him to take care of us. Our brother was never like that she changed her!

She is selfish. She doesn’t want us to have any influence on our home. We need to take control of this!

I really listen to my mother-in-law! I would never say her anything!

This and more would be said continuously about me!

My husband who loved me was continuously manipulated about me. My in-laws. My mother in law who was trying to form a bond with me was constantly being made to feel as though I was an outsider. For my basic emotions, I was penalized, marginalized!


Every day was hell! Every day I was being made to feel like an outsider, punished, blamed for things I never did, for being myself, for wanting to love my husband, or love my family, every small little thing was used to make me a villain and everyone else saintly!

I joined iwill therapy first alone and then with my partner. 

In therapy our iWILL therapist first helped me see how much more I was meant to do, I could speak, I had a job, I had parents and just because someone else thought they had the power on me by isolating me in a group of 4, didn’t mean that my worth was less or that I was useless!

She also helped my husband see how basics like loving him or demanding his time were my right, it wasn’t against anyone! Rather the alienating me from him was against us!

She helped him see that my genuine emotions to take care of my parents were not against my duties as a wife! If I love them,  they need me, I’ll go there just like his sister comes here! 

She helped him see that I was being made to look like a villain, when I wasn’t, made to feel alienated for being human, asking love and that wasn’t ok!


Therapy helped him see my side and then bring about changes in at least how he saw me and was with me! 

Worst are people who isolate and make you feel like you are the bad one when in reality they are full of insecurity and low esteem!

I am glad I have risen above them, my mental health thanks to iwill is not their slave and I am way past their tactics and just happy in being who I am, and not taking their bullshit! 

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