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Sometimes you feel totally stuck in life. I felt the same way when nothing was going my way

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A career that was just not taking off

Health issues in home that were just not getting better 

Unhappiness and struggle in home

People at work unsympathetic towards my situation 

Problems in the past and people who disliked me creating problems for me now.

It was just all of it together. I felt stuck. I felt unhappy. I felt completely unable to be at rest at any time.

My mental health was bad... and it just would stop me further from even having the energy to think and do the right thing.

I was a mess and I felt like stuck and escaping my life all the time. Nothing around helped. Things were bad. It felt really like being stuck in a hopeless situation.

I joined IWill therapy on recommendation of a friend from office.

It was in therapy that for the first time, someone listened to me so non judgementally. They understood where i was coming from and what all was bothering me.

They then helped me see that I had to fight for myself. I had to stand up. That I had to first focus on healing myself, and then focus on work and do best as I can for caregiving, without breaking down myself.

At every step of the way she was there for me, taking care of me and helping me. She also helped me assert. Cut off toxic ties. Not be scared of people's aggression... and fight back.

It's been 6 months since my therapy started 

And my career is better.

I have been able to learn to not be scared of what other people think of me, I am focussed on healing myself and working for myself.

I have started doing better in career.

Health of people around my family is better as rather than only worrying, I am taking the right decisions for them. I am also standing up for myself. I have cut out toxic people from my life..there are stories around me but I treat that as a noise.

I am no longer stuck because I am not letting people and problems hold me back.

Please start therapy if you feel unheard, unseen and feel stuck. It can change everything for you.

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