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Son who supports his wife is isolated by his family & made to suffer. My story


The behavior of my family now with me 

I was always given silent treatment.
Major decisions started excluding me.
Important things started happening without me.
Most of the respect I had in family and voice was taken away.
Suddenly I was isolated by everyone including my own core family.
I would always be at the receiving end of remarks and insults...
I was kept away from things of relevance as though I was being punished, shown my place...

And no mistake I was the son of the house, who never did anything wrong to anyone; who had been there for all my family members and sacrificed a lot for the success of my sister, family, and others...

But now I was a villain overnight... Why did this change happen?

This happened because I started standing up and loving my wife...

My wife who had been subject to absolute discrimination, bullying, and emotional abuse in my own home.

She was expected to be alone, be educated but not have dreams, look beautiful but only in clothes and style my family wants, laugh but only when my family thinks it’s appropriate, be part of the family when she has to listen, but not when she wants care.

She should forget everyone and serve my world but I should not even give her attention, I should always make her feel less than others.

She went into depression. She was in therapy at IWill.

She felt completely tormented...

I joined IWill couple therapy too and felt completely broken... she was my wife... how could I see her in so much pain... did I marry her for this?

So I started standing for her basics, for her happiness, for her life, spending time with her, taking care of her, treating her parents as mine...

Didn’t I do right? But what did this lead to?
A smear campaign against me in my own home...
Everyone pounced on me and isolated me...

Sons are only respected till they too accept to be part of the same suppression culture... I am completely made to feel like a culprit.

I will still do the right thing... but I wanted to share how it’s not abut being a son... how sons are only celebrated and supported till they continue doing what is seen as ok, not for standing for self or right...

What was my fault? Only choosing to be fair and loving to my wife....

If this is wrong, why marry sons, why make families, why displace girls from their home, why teach your sons values to be fair and good??

Society needs to reflect on this. As I am sure I am not the only man facing this. And many men who want to do good, don’t because of fear of being isolated, from the family they deeply loved...


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