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Stop gaslighting a man to ignore & isolate his wife. This is toxic and causes immense mental health issues 

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Since she has come you have changed. Never forget that wife just came yesterday.

You must focus on your duties towards your family. We have done so much to you as a family.

Why does she always make plans with you alone? She doesn't like us or she doesn't like you being with all of us?

Always show your wife that you love your family more. Never let her feel our bond is weak.


Your wife doesn't like us. She just wants to do her own thing. That is why we say you need to control this.


This and more is constantly preached to men in many homes. The result of this is that they ignore their wife. They see their wife as someone who is trying to replace his family and somehow giving her time is wrong.

And this creates a complete toxic environment for the wife. She is expected to leave her home and everything to be part of her man's life and he is unavailable in this case. 


It is not only emotionally isolating and a very painful experience but also causes mental and emotional health damage


A wife needs love, affection, attention of her husband and partner. This is the basic of any marriage.

Depriving her of the love, of affection and of respect is one of the worst gaslighting to be done and its high time we stop normalising it. So many women are struggling in a toxic situation because of this.

At IWill, I too joined couple therapy because, I was expected to love and give attention to my husband and my role as wife in his life with all the heart. 

While my husband had learnt to ignore me and keep me secondary, or to constantly show he loves his family more as opposed to me.

This created so much couple disharmony, so much emotional pain that I couldn't.

It's in therapy at IWill that I learnt to assert and my husband could see too as how painful it was for me to be struggling with what I did. How toxic and damaging it was for a wife to be made to be secondary for her own husband.

He could see my importance in his life and this stopped making any sense to him as to why he should be choosing others over me, why should I be lonely? 

He started questioning his ignorance and started changing with therapy. Today he doesn't let anyone tell him what to do as a husband...

He spends time with me, takes care of me and now doesn't ignore or hurt me to please others. It's so unfortunate that we ask men to do this to their wives, that we get them married and see of his wife as a family pleaser who has to take care of everyone's needs while having no happiness or needs of her own.

High time we stop spreading toxicity in name of society!

High time we stop breaking families for our egos 

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