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Stop normalizing neglecting a wife for work and other members as a good thing. It's abuse and it's horribly wrong

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Have you noticed you are scared around being some people?

Have you noticed even thought of spending some time with them makes you feel vulnerable and upset?

Have you seen that your face, your happiness all drops down and you don't even look the same around these people?


Why this happens?

Some people sap your happy energy and replace it with dullness, self-doubt and lack of confidence. They have a negative impact on your mental health. They sap your energy and you can't even explain it to others. 


What are the things they do that have such a negative impact? 

1. They ignore you and give you cold vibes 

2. They pass remarks on you, rather than appreciating you, they would complain.

3. They will treat you differently. They will show that they are superior to you.

4. They will make you do things that are against your principles, even if these are small, they make you constantly uncomfortable.

5. They are never happy for you. They would constantly compare you to others. 

6. They would remind you of your weaknesses but never of your strengths.

7. It's always about them. You are in the conversation but never a part.

8. They are unpredictable and can insult you too if they feel threatened.


Is the impact of their negative energy on you long term or for some time only ?

The impact of such attacks can deplete you for very long time. 

Words that these people say about you, behavior that they show you is damaging for the mind in the long run.


The insult, ego, hurt can break a person's confidence.

The comparisons, the remarks can cause deep seated hurt and can cause feelings of being treated unfairly and associated loneliness and self doubt and pent up anger.


Impact of being with people who sap your energy can cause inability to concentrate on work, inability to feel happy, deep seated anxiety and anguish and faithlessness on life.


How can you safeguard yourself?

First and foremost you need to get past the trauma, you need to be strong enough to not be damaged by how they treat you and for this you need healing, you need perspective. Start therapy at IWill and heal yourself, understand that not everyone is positive and that just because people are toxic, it doesn't mean you have to believe what they say, think you are less because of their behavior towards you.

You need to have boundaries. You shouldn't allow anyone to treat the way they want and then you being available for more toxicity. Boundaries means your right to protect your emotional space. 

You need to assert for yourself. You need to be able to say when you don't like how you are being treated. You are not supposed to tolerate bad to show how good you are. Being respectful towards others doesn't mean allowing your own disrespect.

Fourth never seek validation from such people. Don't give them the energy or the importance that you would show them and change their opinion. Their opinion today as well for you is biased and you are nor weak. That bias will never go. So don't seek to impress them. It's a self depreciating step.

It is true that some people are very capable of pulling you down and your energy. And they impact you and your concept about self negatively. But you don't have to be broken because of them.

You are the most important person in your life. Never let anyone destroy your inner peace. Never give importance or freedom to people who sap your positive energy. 

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