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Struggles of someone who is mentally or emotionally abused

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When someone faces mental or emotional abuse in the form of attacks, lobe deprivation, ignorance, insults, and hurt, and if this happens to a person consistently, it can lead to mental health issues!

Abuse that is mental or emotional causes even deeper scars than physical abuse! The pain goes unhealed...

Here are the common struggles for someone who has been through a lot of emotional or mental abuse! 


1. Constantly break down even during small stressors 

They have been so much that their mind and body just can’t take anymore! Small issues make them completely frozen with pain, they break down and feel the weight of even small issues! No one understands them but their anxiety, stress just gets triggered with issues that look way too ignorable for others. 


2. Need constant reassurance 

Someone who has been through abuse finds it very hard to naturally trust themselves or their lives! They always fear the worst will happen, things will go wrong, they can’t do anything right and because of this, they need a lot of reassurance from people around! They just cannot feel relaxed... they find it hard to trust life can be good... 


3. Constant apologizing or self-doubt 

They have been made to feel like they are the problem! They are the reason why people are unhappy hence they usually find themselves apologizing even when they did nothing or self-doubting themselves too harshly! They keep feeling like they are at fault even when they are the victims...


4. Hypersensitivity to things said or even some mild criticism 

They are so hurt by words that even some normal thing said to them gets them reminded of the same pain, this causes extreme sensitivity, tears, crying spells, and complete mood breakdown even on minor issues. The person feels too fragile and upset too easily and this is not their fault! 


5. Hide their feelings and not feel enough 

They have been made to feel so less that even when they are fully capable they don’t feel they are deserving! They hide their feelings down, they feel bad about self and just don’t feel enough... they never speak what they are feeling because they are scared no one will understand! 

If you have been through abuse, emotional and mental, you need to heal from within! Seek therapy today. You deserve to trust, to have normalcy, to assert, to speak up for yourself, to have a good life, to not be scared, to not be alone. You have to free yourself from the emotional pain and the abuse...


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