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Surprising signs you are an extremely sensitive person!

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A sensitive person is often believed to be one who gets hurt easily, who is empathetic to others and also to self, who is emotionally driven...

While these are the commonly known signs of a sensitive person, there is a lot more going on with a sensitive person.

Here are some of the surprising signs of being a sensitive person

1. Have trouble speaking or standing for themselves: A sensitive person often finds it difficult to fight for themselves, to speak when someone is attacking them, to stop their own abuse even when they are most aware that it’s happening. This is because they are too scared to confront, too scared of drama, they still feel like their speaking may hurt someone, they are scared of the further attacks, they get stoned in pain and hence end up not taking a stand for self many times and continue expecting bad behaviour!

2. They avoid people or tough situations not because they don’t care but because their fear takes over... Sensitive people sometimes run away from problems, hide in their shells. And they are often misrepresented as being selfish or just plain arrogant... either of that is a wrong assumption in case of a sensitive person... they are avoiding because their fear is breaking them!

3. Read non-verbal cues of behaviour:
A sensitive person can read how people are feeling about them reading their faces and other non said gestures! They are extremely sensitive to the tone, to the ignorance, to the cold treatment and to the unsaid behaviour. So when they feel someone is treating them bad, people think they are manipulating or being crazy, but in reality, they are too sensitive and can read unsaid behaviours and feelings given!

4. They expect their loved ones to feel their pain: we all want our loved ones to stand for us but for a sensitive person who is always there for their loved one; the need to have them stand back and for their respect is important! And when it doesn’t happen, it breaks them from inside

5. More prone to depression and anxiety: they live through their feelings! They can be really happy in small blessings and similarly can be troubled a lot by bad events or toxic people! They are much more to developing depression, and anxiety! Pain becomes unbearable for them when things go bad when someone hurts them or ignores them and doesn’t respect their feelings!

Being sensitive is one of the best gifts but it can also cause a lot of unhappiness, a lot of grief and fear and broken relationships! In iwill therapy, many people in therapy for depression, anxiety are actually deeply sensitive people who have been wounded a lot more due to their emotions and others using that to break them!

start therapy today if you feel hurt, overwhelmed with pain, unable to function and if you need relief from this constant emotional nagging pain, this inability to stand up for self, this dependency on others and taking all the abuse for it even when your heart doesn’t want an inch of it!

You need, Deserve, and must have healing!

Sensitive people never hurt anyone intentionally. But the worst pain they face is often others not respecting their needs for emotions too!

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