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The best thing you can do for your child is to stand for the respect of their mother. I did!

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My wife was pregnant and about to become a mother and I a father. 


Everyone in the family would always keep telling her what she needed to do

If she cried, people would blame her.

If she wanted to work, everyone would say she should focus being a mother 

If I tried helping her, everyone would share stories of how they had no help and yet did everything for their family as needed!

She would be always remarked on what to do. What to say...


And she was visibly getting down... 

She had stopped talking as much. She felt a lot of fear and insecurity in her!

She was always in emotional pain, in tears.

She felt very cornered! 


And everyone would tell me that if you need your child’s happiness, ask your wife to be happy, ask her to be this and that, ask her to do this... 

My wife ultimately went so much into depression. She had started having suicidal ideation. 

 She started therapy at IWill on her doctor’s advice!

It was in therapy that she started paying attention to herself, not feeling guilty about her emotional needs, and speaking openly about her fears and her pain!

I also took sessions as part of the therapy journey.... and I could see how wrong things had been for my wife...


For the child to be happy, the mother had to be happy!


I was becoming a father too! And I had to stand for my wife and her needs!

She didn’t have to prove to anyone that she was good by suffocating, and sacrificing her mental health!

I learned that we were starting a family together and my wife was my first responsibility 

She had to be happy from within!

This was her biggest time of life too! She had to be understood and made to feel special!


She was carrying our child and more than that we were carrying each other’s hopes, dreams and love together!


I started standing up for respect, for happiness, for the love of my wife... 

she started expressing herself, started smiling, she was healthier, happier, there was a joy... she was excited to be a mother and now had trust that she won’t be alone, that I will listen to her and stand for her and be with her when she feels alone... 


The team of parents, of us, is ready with mutual respect, love, and value! 

The best thing you can do for your child is to have a happy mother, and a family full of love, of space, and respect! She is not some outsider! She is the very soul of your family! 

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