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The biggest pain in my life was losing myself. I stopped recognizing the person I Become!

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Did you help kids with the homework?

Why do you look like this?

Think positive Meera! You are so negative!

Why do you panic so much? 

Oh you didn’t think about this at work! This is basic! 

You look so dull. What happened 


This was me Meera... I was lost... I was completely broken. Broken because I had lost myself... I had forgotten myself... was I capable? Was I always like this? am I relevant in life? Do people care about me? Do I even know why I am here? Who needs me? Why am I still living? Why am I so scared? 


Such questions would perplex me all the time!


I used to be a happy-go-lucky, bright person who knew how to be confident, believe in herself. I felt I was loved, I felt I was wanted by others, I felt I could be anything in life. And yet now here I was..

Life had completely changed me... 

I had faced failures! 

I had faced questions on my personality that made me doubt and ultimately Change how I felt, thought, and be myself! 

I had faced isolation that made me really scared and fearful!!

I had lost relevance to many who saw me nothing more than the roles I could provide for...

I missed myself so much... I would cry each day thinking about the girl I used to be, the person I was... why did my dreams go unfinished? Why has life left me so Behind? Why is everyone so ahead? Where do I find my old motivated self again? I have failed so much? Do I even have it in me? Did I believe myself when I was really not worth it? 

I was lost... and just to calm myself down, I joined iwill therapy... I wanted someone to cry to...

It was in therapy that I learned about the concept of evolving self, of growing self... all lessons that I learned didn’t prove that I was wrong, they need to be learned, to help me.

She helped me bring confidence back on me, challenged my beliefs that I was a failure... helped me see events in my life differently... 

She helped me assert myself in all situations. Push back when I wasn’t able to take the load. 


She helped me learn to Speak up when I felt I wasn’t being heard or bullied or being taken for granted or when being abused 

She helped me get into a goal-led life, of looking at things, doing things that could make me feel accomplished!

Through iwill therapy I understood, that I was not gone anywhere. I still had the right to be happy, to win, to take care... I just had to take my responsibility and assert! I had to let go of traumas and evolve! 

I laugh, smile, try again, take my space, speak up now. But I don’t let disappearing of myself 


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