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The moment I decide, all my problems go away. It's true. Read on

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That competitor who is winning over me each time. I am feeling miserable. I am feeling completely lost, hurt and broken.

The next moment when I decide, to still go on, learn, change pathways, and relax, knowing that neither the world nor my options are going to end, brings in calmness to me. I will live on to fight another day, to have a go at my success again! 


My partner has been so toxic to me. They have always treated me poorly, made me insecure, and ignored me. How can I live like this?

The next moment is when I decide that I will stand up for myself. That my toxic partner isn't assigning a value to me. By their bad behavior, no matter who finds them good, they still remain the wrong ones. I need to focus on my life. Enough of my crying and living lifeless. The moment I think like this, the pain goes away


My loved one who I really loved left me. The grief has taken over... I don't even know what life without them could be like! There is no life

The next moment I thought that they live within me. I too will have to leave this world. This is common grief we all share. I must live on for those who I still have, love, and want to see happy! 


My disrespect happened. Someone pointed out how my life was a testimony of failures, of how less talented I was, how they were right about me all this while. And the moment, I thought about this, my heart broke 

The next moment I thought, I still have the capacity to excel. Other's opinions of me are still just opinions, even if there are incidents to support it because of my current failures, doesn't mean it can't be overturned, doesn't mean it can't get better for me! 

This is how one moment is enough to change how you may be feeling and when consistently you can work, be and keep this state of mind, problems start to look smaller, and you much larger than them, to tackle and overcome.

Therapy at IWill, CBT helps in developing this action-oriented, non-self defeating attitude!

No matter what you are dealing with today,  the reality is you can overcome the hurt, just by letting yourself gain a larger perspective! 

If you are struggling with painful thoughts, or tough situations, if you are unable to do the right thing, seek help ! 

Start working on your own yourself, in making you believe that things are good, can be good and you can win!

No matter what challenge you are facing today, your best bet is to believe in yourself and strive to overcome! This is what IWill, will help enable for you!

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