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The most damaging things of depression

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Depression is an illness that affects a person's mood, emotions, thoughts, behavior. It just makes a person so hopeless, so much in pain, so unable to do things they once liked, so undermotivated, so lonely!

Let's look at some of the most damaging things that depression leads to! 

It makes them isolate themselves further when they are actually suffering from loneliness

The worst thing about depression as an illness is that you are already isolated, you feel lonely and completely lost... you need love, empathy and togetherness. But the thing with depression is neither loved ones around understand a person, nor the person with depression has the energy or courage left to meet people... interact, explain what’s going on..: everything seems like too tough to do! And this isolation that extends, this loneliness that deepens only worsens the emotional crisis! 


Difficulty concentrating and getting things done! 

When you are in pain, you need more work, more reasons to be proud of yourself to overcome this inertia. Yet untreated depression’s one of the most common symptoms is unable to get things started, completed because the thoughts that are painful, negative, the trust that is lost, the mind that is overwhelmed and blank, doesn’t allow for the needed focus or concentration to get generated


It convinces  them to hate or dislike self

We need motivation, self-belief, and love in self to be able to rise back from challenges, but depression falsely makes a person see themselves only as a failure, only as someone who lost everything. This leads a person to over critically analyze self to the point of leading to Internally dislike or even hate themselves! This is what is most dangerous as this irrational and wrong thinking leads to a lot of personal, professional, and value damage!


The need for rest never ends yet they can't get even basic comfort

The person lies down but cannot sleep.

When they sleep, the mind is still abuzz with pain, thoughts, and restlessness... the person needs rest and relaxation to improve and yet this is the one thing that depression robs a person most of!


They know what needs to be done but are not able to do it causing a vicious cycle

Someone with depression knows they need to focus on their career, they know that they need to break the inertia, get going and they know what needs to be done, the toxic people that may need to cut off from life, the time that needs to be spent with people who love and care, yet depression doesn't allow them to do any of it. They feel frozen, unmotivated, unfocused, unable to plan and do things. 

The mind remains an empty space yet so heavy and filled with unhelpful thoughts. It's like depression freezes them!

Depression is a debilitating and painful disorder. One needs therapy so that they can speak the pain out, work with a therapist to lessen the hurt, make better sense of their life, get the motivation back and be able to live a life that they deserve and need! 

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