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The worst pain is to live with people who constantly attack you on small things

Jyotika Basu

Don't call her aunty. Call her bua.

Don't keep this thing here. 

Don't put this oil. Don't you know we put the other oil... You should know this..

Don't talk to your husband like that

Don't dance at that party...You are the daughter-in-law... 

Don't go so often to your own home.

Don't wear a mask when people have come to meet you... Sara corona tumhe hi hoga?


This was a single day for me and this was every day for me...

I was constantly attacked, told in front of everyone, singled out, said things that shouldn't have been said to me... I felt so humiliated. so unloved...

It was like I was here just for being criticized... And no one stopped it... Everyone would laugh, be a part or ignore my agony... 


I joined iWill therapy when my pain touched my peak and my frustration was increasing...


And it was in IWill therapy I realized, that how deep small continuous remarks have on your mental health...

When someone keeps blocking you and attacking you, your confidence is broken, fear piles up, motivation goes down... and also it completely makes a person not want to be in that environment. It appears threatening and also the singling out can damage self-respect that has an adverse impact on mental health.

In IWill therapy, she helped me first, get out of this fear, learn to speak for myself, assert but also not BE AVAILABLE ALL THE TIME FOR ABUSE. SHE HELPED ME STRUCTURE A BOUNDARY, structured my goals, and say no to abuse... I started focusing on my own mental health, speaking when someone made an improper remark, and also asserting to my spouse to stand up to this abuse or at least help stop it...

I had lost all my confidence and in therapy, I started gaining it back... 

Small positive things help neutralize the daily negativity at home that was disrupting my mental health! 

My self-respect is bigger than ANY PEOPLE PLEASING! 

I don't allow anyone to taunt, break my spirits day in and day out! 

Jyotika Basu

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