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The worst thing is to blame a person for their emotional health issues and difficulties

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Oh, your career is bad because you do nothing. 

People are not talented and hard-working and then they make their mental health issues an excuse. 

She is herself so demanding. Her mental health issues are there because she cannot adjust. 

She just knows to be upset and sad. She doesn’t know how to be happy.

He drains everyone with his unhappiness. 

You don’t want to work and you don’t want people to be with you. Your mental health or people being toxic to you is just an excuse....

He is not as talented so now he is making an excuse for mental health!

He can’t do it. He can’t win. She can’t achieve. She can’t be happy that’s a fact! 

Those who have emotional health issues, listen to these kind of words and arguments time and time again.  

To someone who has gone through a lot of pain, to someone who’s brain areas controlling motivation and alertness have been affected due to toxicity and abuse, causing them to be near shut down, such accusations are even more devastating and hurtful. 


The reality is when a person faces tough challenges and has no support through them when a person faces setbacks at the time they were expecting happiness when a person faces ignorance when they had to get love, emotional and mental health issues happen. They happen because pain, failure, abuse, impacts a person’s brain, how it processes and feels heavily. 


Labeling, attacks, doubts on them, and their capabilities will hurt them even more! That will break them! 


Instead Here is what they need 

1. Empathy: they can overcome what they are dealing with, if they can be seen as true, they can be seen as people struggling and in pain, needing help and change. They need someone to see the world, their life from their perspective, and be there for them!

2. Therapy and support: they need therapy to undo all the negative associations, stored negative pains, and disbeliefs their mind has stored. They need therapy to help heal raw emotional hurt, to move on, to learn to fight back, to make new changes. And with therapy, they need the support of their loved one/s who encourage, change, and be with them! 

3. Time and patience: Someone who has emotional health issues isn’t faking. They really are unable to get up, make those changes in life, feel motivated, feel happy. And hence they will need time and patience. Even with therapy and support, things won’t magically resolve in one day! 


Emotional issues happen as a result of deep trauma and pain. No one chooses to be mentally or emotionally choked or down! 

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