IWill 2022-12-16 05:13 - 2 minute read

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There is nothing worse than showing your own daughter in law down. It's depressing and emptying 


I married your son. I am arguably under law your own daughter. I am a family member. When life gets tough, ill be more around you than anyone. When life is happy, it will be that we would enjoy it together.

My happiness will heal this home. And my tears and pains will bring lack of peace, drama to your very home.

How is it that When my happiness or sadness would directly have an impact on you, how is it that you hurt me further? How is it that you attack me then, someone who is your own daughter.

You attack me for my personality. You constantly compare me to show that I am less than others. By doing that, you are showing your son and family down and make others enjoy and laugh at your family.

When you ask your son to choose between me and you, when there are attacks on him for spending time with me, these are attacks and toxicity on your own son. When you isolate me from him, you are also isolating his future. A man with troubled and unhappy couple relationship has less support and more friction in life.

When you taunt me, hurt me, give me cold vibes, you are breaking a young girl, you promised to give love, affection.

When you make me feel like I am an outsider, you are breaking your own family. A little affection shared with me would have gone a long way into making our family

I was your family. You broke me to break yourself.

You hurt me to hurt your son and his Happiness

Yes I was depressed and I had to take a lot of help for this. I was in IWill therapy. I worked on myself. 

I healed myself. Me and Anitej were in couple therapy. 

Our therapist helped him see how by isolating me, he was breaking his own happiness. I loved him a lot and there would be only joy if we are together. She helped me to learn how to have boundaries. To stand up for self.

I am strong now, I am taking care of myself but there was no need to show me down, if you think about it. I was your own, there was no need to harm me, to depress me and empty me...


I called you my mom, meaning it.

I came to this home, believing it.

It's so wrong to promise a home and came a young girl who is your daughter, an empty feeling.


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