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Those who come to you when they need you and otherwise only attack you or never congratulate you on your wins are going to deplete and break you 

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I am very unwell. I wanted to talk.

Oh, you are unwell. I have been so unwell myself. I am alone and I have this.

Oh, you didn't come for so many days. Work is everything for you.

Oh, I have my compulsions. I need to work, that is why I was away.

No reaction when something good happens to me. No reaction to my wins. No happiness for what I achieve 

No reaction when something is good in my life. On the contrary reminders of what is missing in my life. Immediately, comparing, making sarcastic remarks ON me.

There are people in your life who never let you focus on what you need to do. 

There are people in your life who would involve you and make you cancel your plans to help them.

They will always try to fit you into your own scheme. But they will never be available when you need them. 

They will empty you, make you feel insecure, and attack you at the first opportunity.


The sad part is they are always someone close to you or someone at your work or in life that you cannot ignore. And that is why you keep carrying on and your emotions and your relationship with yourself too suffer.


This can create a lot of emotional self-doubt, and pent-up anger and even cause you to lose your opportunities, and create anger with others who are important to you as you expect them to do something to make this stop. 


Many people are at IWill therapy for taking help because they can't say no. They cannot stop saying yes to being available and yet they are not able to stop the abuse or the interactions. they are broken and feel like they are little and feel used.


Through IWill therapy, we help them form boundaries, and be able to say no when No is needed. To be able to be not co-dependent on people for who you are is an option and an option they openly and happily attack. 

We help them see that having these people is not helping but only hurting, whatever they think or say of you is less important than how you think about yourself and what you do for yourself. 

You need better mental health, one where you feel your friends are supportive and nice, where you feel happy and rejuvenated with their presence. 

You need people in your life who make you feel valued loved and appreciated and are there when you are sick, down, and unhappy. 

Seek therapy at IWill if you are stuck with people who constantly use you, go missing on you or even attack you when their purpose is done and it's breaking you. 

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