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Top 5 thoughts that usually bother someone with depression 

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Depression is a painful thought, mood, and behavior disorder that causes many negative and painful thoughts and beliefs, and patterns about self and life. 

This painful way in which one starts seeing themselves and the world impacts their feelings and takes away their energy to continue pushing for growth, it stops them from doing things that would benefit them. Their thoughts push them to always feel less, always feel incapable, and always feel unable to do things.

Here are the top 5 most painful thinking patterns that a person with depression struggles with.

1. I am not good enough and I won't be able to do this.

"I won't succeed"

I am not so capable. I won't get it"

"I am not good enough"

"I just don't have it in me"


Some chain of events that are painful, Some failures, or life situations push a person to depression.

And as a result, a person develops these negative thought patterns that automatically keep affecting the person. 

Sometimes it may be that there is nothing to feel sad about externally but the person struggles with thoughts because of depression that makes him or them feel that he is not good enough. 


2. I either figure this out/get this or I end my life 

Depression may push you to have this " all or nothing" thinking. This happens because depression diminishes in your eyes, your life's worth to achievements you must have. It makes you feel like there is some external measure that you must have else you don't even deserve to live. This happens when a person develops a view that he/she is only worthy when they achieve or are accepted. This is an extremely painful and exhausting thought pattern that often is present in depression.


3. I don't have the energy to continue 

Depression makes a person feel constantly that they should not do things because they don't have a complete energy needed to do this. This demotivating thinking pattern breaks them consistently and that is why a person with depression may appear lazy but in reality, they are grappling with these thought patterns that are convincing the person not to act as if it's pointless as per these thoughts.


4. I am a burden on my loved ones 

A common thought pattern that a person with depression struggles with is that he or she is a burden on their loved ones. That they are drained or unhappy because of the person and that if he/she is not there,  loved ones will be better off, or that at least they may recognize their worth then which they don't do now. This is again a very painful yet potentially alarming thought pattern because it can lead to constant suicidal ideation and even many times attempt to end life.


5. I am a loser and people know it

A person with depression may constantly see themselves as a loser or that they haven't achieved anything or that what they have is so less and that everyone around is negatively perceiving them and their achievements. It can make them socially withdraw and go in a shell.

These thought patterns don't just come one day and go unharming. With depression, these thoughts are 

1. Persistent 

2. Automatic and come on their own 

3. Go in loops

4. Are constant

5. Run at the back of the mind even when the person is working 

This is why they cause so much damage and make a person with depression further broken, unable to sometimes even want to lift a finger up.

Therapy at IWill can systematically help a person overcome these thoughts, through an evidenced and scientific process. Therapy helps a person in realizing and believing their worth, healing those parts of life that are holding this pain, letting go, making sense of things that have happened, and becoming free. Therapy helps a person step by step feel capable, complete, take action, feel intrinsically valuable and get help in taking actions that change a life.

If you identified these automatic thoughts and patterns in you, seek help today, and don't suffer in silence. You don't have to live with these!


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