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We won't destroy our husband and wife first relationship for anyone no matter how close. Period

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Yes we will go on this trip. I have been saving this money since last few months.

Neena really wanted to see Maldives and I am glad I can now fulfill this dream of her. I can understand everyone may have different wishes, but as my wife, this time and this wish is hers.

So what if Arjun couldn't come today to this dinner. He always accompanies me everywhere he can. He too has work. Just because he is not here today, doesn't mean he doesn't care.

Neena is my wife and you could think anyways about her and you could say things like I am not a lion anymore. This is not an insult. I have a family and I am a man and I have responsibility of a woman, a family we will raise together and our Happiness.

I am not an animal nor one want to be unmanly to dominate my wife to feel like I am a man.


Arjun doesn't have to say sorry. Certainly not because you think he should. Yes we had an heated argument but we will deal with it our own way. As a couple, as two people who trust each other the most.


This was me and my wife. Finally after years of being agitated on each other basis other's opinions, we have understood its not me against her, it's US.

Initially my family would always complain how she wasn't good enough, she was childish, she was controlling and

I would listen and then either act weird, ignore or fight her

and then facing all this she would go to her friends, may be well - meaning but they would tell our marriage is over, I am bad, and each incident would just be like this,

in a vicious cycle and me her falling more apart, fighting more often, she crying louder, I becoming more silent...

And our mis-matched emotional reactions made misinterpretation run wild. 

We were a nightmare of a couple surely heading towards a divorce.

That is when someone told me of couple therapy at IWill.

It took a lot of convincing for me to think about this but it worked so well for us.

IWill therapist helped her see from day one, who we really were, what our bond meant, what standing up for each other meant, how our emotional reactions are sometimes different expressions to same pain and how much joy we can get if we stick to each other.

It was 11 weeks in therapy and from divorce we became once again till death to us part.

From fights with each other we came to fight for each other if need be

From listening to everyone else about each other, we listened to us to form our opinion.

From disliking each other because of third people, we started disliking comments about us by the thirds

We have come a long way.

We respect all but not at the expense of this sacred bond.

I love my wife and she loves me and we will never let any third ruin it for us ever again


If you resonated with us, seek help, fix the issues between you couples, it's doable. I recommend IWill strongly and I recommend companionship of your partner strongly over everything else. It will heal you and nurture you From within. 

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