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What to do when nothing in life is going well? When it feels its falling apart

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Many of us go through this phase where only the worst outcomes are happening for us...

A relationship May go bad, and at the same time due to the unhealed emotions, financial issues would happen as the person isn’t able to concentrate. With the financial issues comes, humiliation, abuse, insult, and in this time due to the scenario of a toxic relationship even support may not be there...

A sudden health crisis may bring in a lot of emotional pain, financial difficulty, and ability to work too...

A toxic relationship may bring depression, may take away all social pleasures and may reduce a person into an exhausted person usually just feeling empty and hurt!

Sometimes life gives us unimaginable pain, and the sources to fix them are also not there... it looks like it’s all over.. there are misunderstandings all around and a person may feel extremely lonely, empty and have a stronger need to escape or continuous pain and resentment even with self...

Emotional issues

When this happens a person naturally develops a host of mental health issues

1. They may develop a very low self-esteem
2. They may suffer from chronic sadness, anxiety or even depression!
3. They may deal with severe relationship discord and breakdown and interpersonal issues in family!
4. They may deal with a loss of interest in life
5. They may deal with no motivation to carry on!
6. They may feel unwanted, unlucky... and others success, happiness all too visible on social media May pain them more!

The person tries to change the life... but since they are either dealing with such setbacks for a long time (and unfortunately we never seek help or speak about our pain early on in the first time thereby complicating things) or the person could be dealing with challenges at so many fronts, that nothing would look doable or manageable for them!

And therefore comes confusion, cynicism that would stop the person from working on course change or even be able to think about what to do that would change this painful reality!

So does that mean, there is no way to get out? Does that mean; a person going through a tough time has to be in the same pain forever? The reality is no!

So what can you do if you are dealing with this? If you are stuck with too many complicated and painful events, misunderstandings, lack of support, and /or if trauma has just outlived itself!

The first step is THERAPY... you should not skip it. You need to be able to sort, understand the various events in life, what went wrong, and why? What were the reasons? Where are you not thinking clearly and being impacted due to the trauma and its weight... all these questions asked and the situation seen with a professional, can be very insightful and can give you access to many solutions that you could try while being supported by your psychologist! For IWill therapy, start sessions through this app link: https://epsyclinic.page.link/ezHe

The other very important thing that iWill Therapy will do is help you get emotional support, the validation you have lost, the misunderstandings you have faced, the pain, you have been subjected to!! It’s a healing experience, it’s a support experience in present and it also helps you learn the right way to communicate, assert and be for yourself and others in times of pain!

The second thing that you need to do is, to decide to do things that build your confidence back up... whether it’s any small activity, in a day as simple as one work task or even cooking a good meal, do things that bring back the courage and confidence in you that you are able and capable!

The third thing you need to do is, make changes that can make you happy even when everything is bad.. are there some friends who can support you? Some activity that delights you or used to make you happy? You need to create happy moments so that the impact of pain and its rampage is somewhat reduced!

And then is to help build faith in your life... you need to believe that things will work out... that financial or emotional issues will get sorted... you may need to wait for some time but it will happen!

And lastly, you need to get more practical in your approach... if work isn’t working out, if the relationship is all toxic and intentionally so, for your own life ahead you will need to assert, take tough stands so that your life isn’t ruined further, Isn’t just passing itself!

Let us assure you that no matter how much you feel this phase will outlast you, the reality is if you heal, work on getting your happiness, take some assertive steps and be consistent, you will see this phase fading completely and you getting back to realizing many dreams for your life that you have had!

For IWill therapy, start sessions through this app link: https://epsyclinic.page.link/ezHe

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