IWill 2022-08-08 12:18 - 2 minute read

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Whatever happened to me, I worked to eventuallly make me happier and more successful. I learned to keep faith 

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I was in a toxic marriage and I thought why dud i had to get this pain? Why me?

Over the years I decided to come out of that bad marriage and make my self a priority, do everything to make me successful and heal.

I didn't work earlier so job wasn't possible for me but today I have a successful decor business. I am so happy.

I had been also left by people who didn't support me when i was struggling. It was good in a way, I now only have true friends, no fake ones.

I am living my best life. And that's because rather than accepting my Fate and thinking I am unlucky, I saw myself as some force who needs healing, someone who can shine and do her best if she doesn't give up, if she doesn't give in.

I was in therapy to heal myself, the long years of being in a toxic marriage made me question my existence and luck, but I was wrong, I wasn't unlucky, my partner was because he couldn't see my value

My existence wasn't for northing, I was meant for bigger and better things.

No matter what you get in your life. Please don't see iys the end,.if you see it that way, it will be. Work to heal yourself and become a force, to not give up, but right the best story for yourself.

I am so happy today and so proud of myself. As I am everyday making the best life of me and people who hurt me, who wrote me off, are shocked.

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