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Why do narcissists always abuse sensitive and empathetic people?

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Narcissists are people who are self-obsessed! They like attention, drama, they are toxic and cannot tolerate healthy relationships springing around them. They are usually concerned only with how they want to feel and how they want their life to be!

And in this pursuit; they really harm people around them, damaging their self-esteem, their relationships, their independent thinking, their self-belief, and more!

The question is why do narcissists always target sensitive people, why do they target empaths?

Empaths and sensitive people are those who really treat others with kindness, they can feel other’s pain and are usually very caring.. they are also emotional beings who usually think from the heart!

Empaths are an easy target and wanted target for narcissists because

1. They want someone who can give them the necessary emotional support. They want someone who is sensitive and will not attack them, rather will be always thinking of not hurting them no matter what the treatment

2. Empaths are extremely loved and usually everyone likes them. To attack them and to destroy them, pleases a narcissist a lot

3. Narcissists need constant validation and even when an empath is being attacked, when they see that the other person is feeling insecure or needs validation, they are generous with their compliments and making them feel good despite attacks

4. Empaths have an innate need to help and be with people. So narcissists find it easy to manipulate them, break them, hurt them and still say sorry or just show some care or some other story, and have them back.. an empath Keeps breaking but doesn’t leave so easily!

An empath pays a big price of this union through their lost emotions, broken heart, ignorance, lost relationships, and life!

If you are dealing with narcissist abuse, you need to start today to find a way out of it, to heal, to stop the hurt, to cut the supply, to assert, to end the drama.
Many people are in therapy just to find a way to come out of the abuse, create boundaries and find a way to heal themselves!

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