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Why do narcissists attack sensitive people

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Sensitive people are defined as people who are emotional, caring, loving. They want love, they need care and they are also soft with others.

Sensitive people are warm and more than anything, they value emotional care.

The worst thing though is that people who are narcissists. People who are conditioned to be selfish, breaking others to feel good about themselves, always find sensitive people as their perfect target.

Why is that sensitive people who are prone to depression anyway because of their gentleness get the toxic abuse of narcissists, attract narcissists 


Here is the answer to this puzzle 


1. Narcissists don’t have emotional empathy. They are most envious of people who can have true empathy for others, who naturally get the attention of others because of their ways of love, of compassion, of gentleness!

The insecurity of being less is most triggered for a narcissist by sensitive people: empathy and keeping people because of love is exactly a thing narcissists can never have! Hence they immediately make a sensitive person their target, the jealousy, the envy, the burn gets triggered for them!


2. Sensitive people can be broken and hence are perfect targets 

Narcissists gain their supply by breaking people, their emotions, by hurting them or through the Emotional painful reactions they give. A sensitive person is prone to being broken very easily. Their mind about themselves can be manipulated. They are largely not immune to attacks and their hurt and long-term damage. And hence from control and immediate gratification perspective, sensitive people become their best targets!


3. Sensitive people stick around with narcissist much longer 

Because when narcissist throws a drama of being the one who is wronged, being isolated or lonely or having reasons for their behavior, sensitive people who have empathy can absolutely in that moment forget their hurt and try to get into the “fixing” mode of narcissists, of rescuing them, of changing them, of making them more empathic! Sadly nothing of this sort happens because the narcissist doesn’t want a rescue, their drama is a trap for the sensitive person and so the cycle of abuse and toxicity and depletion and emptiness continues for the sensitive person! 



4. Narcissist hate the love and affection a sensitive person can get 

People around narcissists when they start gravitating towards the sensitive person because of their empathy, charm, and love, that is what affects narcissists most deeply and hence they start attacking mercilessly even more than ever a sensitive person! By nature, a sensitive person, a soft person will always gain some attention due to their warmth and this becomes the offsetting point for the narcissist!

The narcissist abuse can and does damage a sensitive person! One thing that needs to be reminded here and that is a narcissist doesn’t want to change, it’s working for them or simply don’t have the empathy in them to learn and evolve mostly, of course, some exceptions may be there!


So it’s imperative that a sensitive person struggling, breaking, self-doubting, self-pitying, and isolated because of the narc abuse frees herself/himself! 

A sensitive person should build support, start therapy and get out of this toxic cycle and stop giving away a free ride to the narcissist who in turn is just DESTROYING YOU!

Start IWill therapy today if you have been through toxic abuse that has damaged you! 

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