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Why do people think of taking their life? How to overcome this?

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It's very tough sometimes to understand what could be the reasons why someone would want to take their own life... 

Here we help share a window into why people get this very extreme thought pattern and may get it continuously to the point that it drains them


1. A very painful relationship life

Some people who have been through toxic marriages, have taken a lot of emotional abuse, have no love shared by their partner and his/her family while having been systematically isolated from their own parents, friends, and loved ones.

The emotional hollowness, the lack of care, of not being a priority for anyone, makes the person's dreams, happiness all get shattered.

This toxic environment and such darkness created could very well lead to thoughts of not wanting to live anymore. This is because each day intensifies more emotional pain! 


(If you are going through this, please understand that not you, this toxic relationship needs to end, yes currently you may not have the strength, resources, or even the energy to be able to imagine this because of depression. First, you need to seek professional counseling and therapy to remove depression and everything else will follow. The therapist will help you get the courage, clarity, and changes needed in your life. YOU Deserve to live and thrive so that the toxic people can see they couldn't harm you, not the other way around) 


2. Work challenges & financial difficulties

Sometimes people get stuck in a loop. They want to excel yet things block them. Financial difficulties take over to the point that they have much more to give than access to the resources and this gap only widens. Beyond a point managing this financial trauma, the associated attacks, humiliation, and constant negative feeling that people give for this, gets difficult for the user, this eventually can lead to a feeling of "I can't turn things around, I have shame, I have lost" and I should take my life and end it! This is a very painful space for anyone to be in. the loved one's, people around, their difficulties, all take a toll


(IF THIS IS you or know someone who is dealing with this, there is nothing that cannot be solved by talking things out, breaking the problem into much smaller parts, changing communication patterns with family, understanding the emotional guilt once goes through, and not exacerbating it further. Therapy is a great step. At the start of it, it would seem well I DONT HAVE MONEY... how can I be affording therapy, while this is a fair point, but the thing is, it depression making situation much worse for you, and your life is much more precious than everything else, first let's tackle trauma, depression. Everything else will follow through!)


3. Loss of a loved one

Losing a loved one is not just the loss of a person, it is a loss of shared life, dreams you had for them, with them, loss of memories, loss of promises, loss of how life was to you. A loved one is usually a very obvious part of our life and losing them can turn life look very unfamiliar, very unrelatable... And when this happens and help is not sought at the right time and enough support to help you pull out of this, is not there, feelings of not living anymore, reuniting with the lost loved one can take over... 

(Therapy can help a great deal. It can help get rid of the guilt that is holding you, the burden of not completing all the dreams together, of letting the loved one down, and also help you appreciate other people who are still there, you who are there, and how to focus on things that matter, how to get past this painful hollowness and emptiness that surrounds you! 


4. Depression or other mental health issues

Whether there is an active reason or not, if you have depression, if you are going through emotional and mental health concerns for a very long time and if no matter how things are around you and yet you don't get happiness, and you want to end it all, as you have lost trying... Because nothing makes you happy... this is very real. Depression no matter what started it, once there as an illness is the leading cause of suicidal thoughts and even unfortunately attempts to suicide.  

(If this is you or a loved one, without a moment slipping, please start therapy and also medication if active suicidal thoughts are there. Remember only a professional can assess the situation, help reduce the risk of such thoughts and the pain associated with it. Start therapy and help today..)

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