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Why does it become so hard to work or even get through the day with DEPRESSION

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Depression is one of the most painful, tough, and difficult to deal with mental health disorders.

And what is even more alarming is that it’s now the leading mental health problem in India with about 10% at least Indians suffering from Depression.

Depression is a mood disorder that leads to spiraling, debilitating negative thoughts, painful emotions, and destruction of motivation and energy leading to a marked decrease in the ability to enjoy life, to do things that once were pleasurable or are even necessary, and just keeps breaking and isolating a person.

Why does depression make it so tough to work or even get through the day?

We get the energy to get through the day when we are feeling hopeful when we feel we will be able to win, accomplish, be loved, and appreciated.
We get to our tasks and goals when we believe that we can accomplish them.

Depression sets in many times after a series of setbacks, tough life situations, genetic reasons, and other factors. But whatever might be the reason, depression makes a person start believing that nothing would work for them, that they won’t be loved, or that they are not capable...

Initially, a person tries to ignore these thoughts and struggle to get on with the day... but slowly the thoughts, the past trauma, the increasing difficulty to fight these thoughts off starts causing severe mood and emotional disruptions. So intense that they make a person completely fatigued, numb, choked leaving no energy to work or even slowly get through the day!

Over time the emotional pain, the lack of energy, the intrusive thoughts become so negatively supportive of each other that it just makes a person feel as if they are in the dumps, that nothing, nothing but maybe a miracle could take them anywhere!

People around too are dismissive! They find the person “negative”, “incapable”, “not as proud to be of” wrongfully of course! But this leads the person to be broken than ever before!

Isolation, emotions, thoughts, energy, everything keeps adding to the painful pile and makes a person so confused and broken!

But the good thing about this is that the painful illness is treatable!

Therapy can really help.  A person can speak all the thoughts out, share the assumptions behind those thoughts, open about the feelings, the hurt, the guilt & the anger for self for not doing “enough”, letting it all out with a psychologist can help see things in a more realistic and less hurtful way. It helps process emotions, feel better about oneself, get energy and thoughts and direction to change the situation. 

Step by step this dark cloud of pain, sadness, failures, adjustments will be lifted by happiness, success, assertion, and boundaries!

Depression is cruel. But what is crueler is to let it go untreated, unloved, and devalue the person for it! Seek therapy! Heal! As a family gives love, understanding, time, the process to hurt your loved one with depression! 

They are most precious! And they are lost in hurt! Don’t abandon them further at this moment!

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