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Why does someone with depression may deny seeking help & how to overcome this?

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Depression is so tough on a person. It leads a person to chronic doubt on self, mood changes that make day-to-day functioning difficult, chronic hopelessness, and lack of energy that makes following even a routine schedule difficult.

Depression leads to social withdrawal and apathy towards self! One would think with so much happening, people would be readily seeking help.

This is the sad reality though. A person with depression usually doesn’t get help, many times they even deny it for themselves and continue to suffer in silence.

In this article, we highlight the reasons for this. And also provide certain ways to overcome these reasons and get help

1. Stigma and lack of awareness 

It’s somehow ok in our culture to suffer in silence but not accept the need for help; especially when it comes to mental health issues. It’s wrongly perceived as a personal weakness, one that should not be acknowledged! But the issue with this is, you are still suffering, pain is real and you know it’s not your FAULT! It’s not your weakness! 

It’s important to know that emotional health issues happen to anyone, at any point in time and no one is immune to these. Denial only leads to your suffering and increasing pain and this is not what you deserve! 

You deserve healing! And if you are feeling not ok, if you are dealing with a lot of emotional hurts seek therapy! 

1. Lack of energy
Sometimes it’s not stigma, it’s just a lack of energy. The mere fact of taking steps to seek help, to tell someone even a professional with all that you are dealing with looks exhausting to the mind. 


This lack of energy is real. The way to overcome is to take small steps. Just download an app for help, schedule a session, and just go for it, at the time you feel the energy. You can always reconsider or revisit, but often taking this first small step and thinking of it as a stand-alone, does the trick. 

3. Confusion 

Sometimes mind feels confused about a person dealing with emotional health issues.” Do I have a mental health issue? Or is it just my life.

How can talking to someone help? When my life sucks! These thoughts are real, and confusion is real too”!


Let us give you a few examples 

Priya (name changed) felt the same when she was going through a tough period in her marriage. Her husband and she were going through misunderstandings created by others and she felt isolated and attacked! 

This led her to depression but she thought how would anything change by taking help! Her life sucks! But she took help anyways! In therapy, first, she got the support she needed and second, she started gaining strength to do things that made her happy, have courage and sustenance to stand up for herself. 

She focused on her happiness, got a job, stop paying attention to those who were bringing her down, stopped making them the center of her life! Her husband took notice too, joined therapy, and started Adapting ad listening! The first step made all the difference! And so it’s best to seek help for yourself, once, yes life has issues but you need strength and power to overcome and navigate anything! 


Rajan (name changed) had lost his business! He had gone through losses, was facing debts and that had led him to depression! He sought help at IWill. He got the belief that he can stand up again, he got perspectives of not running from his life but facing it head-on! And he started work again, building himself again, without the guilt, without self-doubt, or pain for self! 

Take that first step today! If you are not ok, if things are not going right, doesn’t mean; nothing can change or improve or get better! 

Let go of inhibition! Take the first step towards self-care 



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