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Worst are people who manipulate others to isolate & hurting you 

Nandita Sharma

The manipulation 

She may be a nice person but she spoke so disrespectfully to me... like she was laughing all the time ...
She just cares about people she thinks are her own... she doesn’t yet feel we are her own... and I don’t think she will ever feel that way.
Everyone was saying she is so immature and childish...

Spend less time with her. You look so non serious these days... everyone talks about you that you have changed...

She won’t be always standing for you. No one can take place of people who are there from start. Never give that space to anyone...

Direct Bad Behaviour with me

Always speaking rudely to me.
When I walk in, stop to talk as though showing me I am uninvited
Always sarcastically speaking to me!
Telling me to change this and that, that not they but “others” have been saying it.

Telling me how to behave and as if I wasn’t Good enough.

Comparing me, ignoring me,  always embarrassing me in front of a lot of people

It’s impact on my life

My loved one had isolated me. 
I was left to chance, defend and always apologize for being me!
I was always unhappy, I lost confidence, I was almost made to feel like I am not needed in their life and if I have to be, I just have to change myself completely!

I felt sad, broken, mishandled, mistreated.
I felt so alone, so cut off from the people I loved, I felt so stuck and over!

IWill therapy to the rescue

I joined IWill therapy and it was in therapy that the therapist helped me to see myself not as a victim but as someone who had strength,

She understood my pain, felt yes how bad it would feel being me! But she helped me look forward and rise and stand for myself.

She gave me the confidence that no matter what happens, I will have a happy life!
She helped me assert my boundaries, speak for myself, and get the strength to stand up for myself without the fear or consequences of this fear d abandonment!
If for the expectation that I should be treated right, people leave then was it even a relationship in the first place.

She helped me communicate and ask clearly my loved one’s role and stance in this. Was it right to isolate me, always change plans that were made with me, make me feel so secondary, and was this how they wanted to keep this relationship... if yes then I wasn’t ready for it being my future!

Therapy at IWill helped me see myself in a different light, not as a victim but as someone who could stand up for myself, not as weak but as power, not as someone who could be isolated but someone who knew how to keep her happy and in the company of people whom mattered!!!

Therapy helped me come out of the impact of people who were otherwise manipulating me to completely change my life...
If left to them, they would have made me a slave-like person, only living on their wishes with no dreams and plans of own! Sorry, this is not what I got my life for!

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