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Worst are people who pretend to be good to fool others but insult & plot against you

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(This was me Shweta finally standing up to the person who had made my life hell due to their need to be the center of attraction and attention and their own insecurity and jealousy...)

Please understand that I don't need your validation. What you like or not about me, is the least of my concerns. 

Why do you get so visibly upset when people praise me or when I get affection... It's always a pattern no matter what you say. 

Don't talk to me like a bully and in this tone and voice. I will not tolerate this behavior anymore. 

It's not ok that you destroy my relationship with someone I love and need to. It's not ok for you to interfere with this bond.

I was so scared of this person due to the drama this person was capable of doing. 

They just were so full of themselves that they wanted people to talk about them, listen to them, please them. And when I saw this, I saw others complying too.

Everyone was completely trained to serve their needs. maybe due to repeated drama, first overvaluing by this person, over love given and then drama if someone ignores her, everyone became used to serving her and misbehaving with others...

I was a strong personality. I was also good-looking, had an opinion, and was talented and loved by the one person, this narcissist really was most possessive for...

And they turned my life into a nightmare.

I would be attacked out of nowhere. Suddenly in the middle of the conversation, she would insult me. She would make me feel embarrassed or show how she doesn't like me in a group. She would snap me down if I SAID something. And this happened out of nowhere. 

Also, if my loved one gave me any attention, they would do so much drama, so much crying, emotionally blackmailing that my loved one would actually start apologizing for giving me attention.

This narcissist had destroyed my happiness. And yet they were so cunning that no one stood by me, I too was scared of their violent attacks or crying that I didn't say anything... I had lost any confidence in myself... I was also out of their fear LOSING MY PERSONALITY!

I joined iWill therapy, (For therapy download app and begin: https://epsyclinic.page.link/ezHe

and it's here I understood that I was going through narcissist abuse. The therapist helped me know that no matter what they do, they still shouldn't be feared... I should assert, show them their place, have boundaries, and stand up to their drama. She also helped me learn the art of communication, of how to not let the NARCISSIST CONTROL NARRATIVE.

Next, she helped remove all the toxicity and bring in hope within me... She helped me despite all the NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENT, DISRUPTION, SELFISHNESS this person was trying to create, she helped me focus on myself and excel... 

The trauma this narcissist had given me needed healing and that's what I got with IWill.

I gave the narcissist my best version and they tried to do a lot of drama but I had support. I also could get physical distance from them as my loved ones started to see how it wasn't healthy for them too and how they had also been a victim of narcissistic abuse.

Shweta (For therapy download the app and begin: https://epsyclinic.page.link/ezHe )


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