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Worst are people who talk to you but not to support, but to attack & put you down

Shikha Vyas

There are people who you don’t want to receive a call from, or see them, or be called for a chat... yet they do it all the time...

Not because they love you or want to talk to you or are missing you, but only to hurt you, unsettle your peace, attack your mind space, and make you feel vulnerable, insecure, unsure about yourself.

They break your confidence, through their comparisons and things said to make you fight with your other closer people and do gaslight...

I had such people in my life and I was in a living mess.

When they knew I had lost something or an opportunity, they would ask me questions!
When they knew I had been struggling with something, they would sarcastically show me how bad it was.
When I was confident, they would tell me things to break it.
They would always make me insecure about how less my partner loved me in comparison to them.
They would randomly tell me things that were hurtful and damaging!


They would make me feel less even on my achievements.

If I was sitting alone, and I was at peace, they would come and compare me with others!


And I was breaking... I was really getting hopeless. Their attack on my peace was very hurtful!

I had fights with my partner as they would always instill insecurity in me!

I had self-confidence issues!

I was never happy with myself!


I started therapy at IWill as I was starting to be very low, always fed with negative assumptions about me, comparison, insecurities.


It was in therapy at IWill, that my therapist helped me to learn insulation.

She helped me not get agitated, and not seek validation from such people.

She helped me to learn to respond then there and then and discourage their drama!

She also helped me build my own self-esteem! I had to start looking at myself with more confidence, belief, and trust!


She helped me set boundaries, also focus on my positives!

Today I don’t fight because of them. I don’t get affected due to their nasty comments! I don’t burn my peace because of their attacks!

They have no power over me! It’s all because of therapy! Therapy changed my life, my perspective towards myself and helped me learn to put such people in their place


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