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Worst are some people no matter what you do for them, never become yours, publicly insult and make you look so bad.

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Some people just think of themselves and their needs.

No matter what you do for them, how much ever you struggle to make them happy, they don't see your efforts, they still blame you and eventually leave you one day, when you don't serve their purpose anymore.

They don't look at the good things you do, but hold on to One small error that happened.

They don't see why are you struggling and support you, they blame you and ultimately leave you alone in your struggle.

They want you to be always serving them. Only working for them, but when you can't, they leave you.

They also constantly make you feel that fear of abandonment, that they will leave.

And that fear breaks you and makes you do things that otherwise no one would have done.

These are the worst people, who never will be with you when you need them, they will leave you at the first instance when you don't serve them anymore.

I had been a sensitive person and more than once I had allowed such people to be in my life, I always would trust and then be betrayed and even after doing so much, they would insult me in groups and publicly as though I was the problem


My self esteem was broken and I felt so lonely, ashamed and weak and even like a failure. I started sessions at IWill, to speak, to heal, to get strength to continue. And it was in therapy that my therapist helped me neither to derive my sense of self from someone's presence or absence, neither harm self to keep people in life.


Mt therapist helped me put myself first, to never be with people in the first place, whose intention is so one sided.

I am glad I took this help. I no longer seek or look for any validation. I no longer feel bad what people say or do about me. 

These people stop existing the day you make them insignificant.

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