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Worst pain is to be isolated within your family. Never do this to your loved one

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I was sitting there alone, while everyone else was gossiping and having a great time!

It wasn’t a new experience for me, as it had been happening for many years now but it was certainly very painful!

My loved one had no time for me! To please others, more dear, meant, I had to be ignored!

I was not taken care of so that someone else doesn’t get offended!
I wasn’t given love so that others feel secure!

I wasn’t liked because I had a personality different and my own!

Every day being in your own home, amongst people you thought would care, would want your happiness, would want your love and they just ignoring you, forming groups against you, doing politics, making you feel like you don’t matter is the worst pain ever! 

It can be extremely damaging to one’s self-respect! 

I never had been more depressed! I didn’t feel like doing anything, I feel emotionally choked at each point, I couldn’t take my mind away from thinking why was this happening to me, why my own loved one was doing this to me! 


I didn’t feel like focussing on work, even getting up! I felt like crying, shouting at the top of my voice all day! 

I joined IWill therapy and it was in therapy that I learned to focus on myself, to not focus on people hurting me, but focus on those who still cared, therapy helped me see how it wasn’t my fault or anything to do with me that such behavior was given to me! 

Later my loved one join therapy too! It was in therapy that my loved ones could see how their behavior was affecting me, how as a family it was not ok for me to be so isolated! How it’s unfair to please others, I was let down! 

That my loved one had to have the spine to stand up with me too! That one cannot ignore and insult a loved one to please others. 

Therapy helped me gain perspective, control my emotional pain, look beyond politics and other’s behavior to focus on myself 

Slowly I am learning to be happy, look for my growth and my respect and not feel bad for those who are manipulated and insecure!

The worst pain is to be isolated by your own family! It takes a lot of effort to ignore all the hurt and rise up! I am glad I could and I did! 

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