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Worst pain is to be with people who cant see you happy

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When I got a new promotion, I was instantly compared with someone else who just had a much bigger raise.

If I looked beautiful and someone would appreciate it, everyone around would just feel threatened and bad for this praise.

If I would getting attention, everyone would get disturbed because of that.

No one wants to see you succeed, no one is excited when you win. There is always a comparison or manipulation of how success is artificially making someone else feel small or less!

I lived with these people. And they were really impacting my self-confidence.

I was constantly attacked when I did something and I would be always made to feel like my happiness didn’t matter, they would even visibly get uncomfortable and jealous!

It was the worst feeling ever.
I always lived with people who would feel happy when I was happy, who would encourage me when I was down, who would unconditionally love me and even encourage others to take care of me!

It felt like home! It felt comforting! But now I had come to a point where I just was restless, angry, full of hurt, saddened with discrimination all the time!

I joined IWill therapy just to lessen my pain have someone to talk to and here in IWill therapy, I and my therapist worked on my boundaries! I started asserting them, even when I lived in the same place. Not everyone had the right to poke nose in my affairs! I learned to ignore them when they were getting insecure... I found a way to reconnect with people who loved me and also stand up and speak when I was being attacked!

I learned to take care of myself! I learned to make my safe distance even let other people know I wasn’t there available for their bad behavior. I also made it a point to assertively call out their hypocrisy!

I am winning again, I have people who encourage me! How these people see me, I don’t care... I have my boundaries and I assert them! I don’t break myself and my wishes to look good in those people’s books who are just not good to me or want my happiness!

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