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The worst pain is when you have a partner who wants you to please him always and never reciprocates the same or even care for you when you need it

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He used to be good to me, loved me when I pampered him.

When I went out of the way for him!  But whenever I would be hurt, he would behave rude and start his silent treatment on me! 

He would always respond with coldness whenever I was unwell or facing something like he didn't want to be with me when I was in pain! 

And suddenly when he needed, he would bomb me with attention and then do some or the other drama to get me back! 

This was his everyday trick on me and everyday I would fall for it, May be because I really loved him, May be because I wanted to win over him and prove to me I was worth it, or may be because I was too lonely and now stuck in a bad relationship! 

His behavior was breaking me! 
His coldness, His lack of attention and then love bombing and my inability to stop His behavior ! 

I was stuck! 
I was broken!
I was completely choked unable to think for myself! 
I was just so broken.

I needed him to change
I prayed and I tried 
I lowered my self respect but nothing stopped, nor his behavior, nor my emotional damage 

I joined IWill therapy and asked my therapist how could I change him?

And the therapist said I needed to change this need to change Him!

And I said, so should i accept him how he is?

She said yes and then she added, find a way to then make distance on dependency on him, on moving away from the emotional abuse and pain! 

She helped me first to see how damaging and how bad this behavior was! 
She helped me to find ways to focus on my work, not seek his attention and controlling impulse to run after him to gain his love.

She helped me to focus on my wellbeing, my friends, people who loved me consistently

She helped me see that one of my parents also did this to me, and I would do everything to get that parent's love and approval and hence this pattern.
She helped me see how much had I lost to this need from that parent!

And now it was repetitive here!

She helped me to find a way to love myself, helped me find a way to seek the support of those who stayed with me in tough times!
In 6 months, he tortured me more but I ignored it more.
I made my career and got the job I needed and then I decided to end this one-sided, cliffhanger! 
Rather he pulled that stunt first on me and I happily accepted it! 

I am thankful to iwill therapy because I got freedom from a person who was never going to love me, only hurt me and empty me!

I am glad I am no longer seeking love of a man who just wanted me to please him while he depletes me of even my respect! 

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