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Worst pain is when your partner isolates & hurts when you need them the most 

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I don’t know.. I think we are in this financial mess because of you! You shouldn’t have started this company. You really were so wrong! You have failed us.. I am so disappointed in you..

This was the story of every day for Raj. He was an IITian, he earned well and worked hard all his life! He really now wanted to follow his dreams! And things didn’t turn out well. They went into debt and yes ya places it was Maybe some mistakes but unintentional! He was most hurt by the way his own people treated him... he understood he had kids and that his wife was struggling too but the harsh words were spoken in anger and the assumptions were killing Him! When he started therapy at IWill, he was contemplating not having this life... it took months of therapy to help him feel secure in himself again,  to feel less abandoned, less hated, less targeted! Eventually, his spouse joined too and things got better... once she realized the impact it had on his husband, she started working on self to change... 



See I love my parents, don’t spoil it between us... I can’t ignore them... I married you doesn’t mean I’ll leave them... I don’t think you get it! They mean the world to me...

Suman was struggling with deep isolation! She got married with hopes of getting home! But she wasn’t liked. She was cheerful, always loved... she expected her Partner to fill her life with happiness. But her husband just got scared due to the comparison and ignored her completely... she would cry all day, listen to sarcasm, taunts, and constant blocks on things she did... and when she would try to share how broken she was, her spouse would attack her further! 

She felt useless, she felt unlucky, unloved, and not herself. She was the apple of eyes of her parents... and here she was just invisible... rather ignored intentionally to keep the peace!

She joined IWill therapy and it was here she could speak all her hurt. She should get learn to be assertive, to speak for herself, to not feel like she had no one just because a family had faulty patterns! Her husband joined therapy too in due course and he could see how he had unknowingly spoiled his own relationship... how she was there for him, needed his support, he was the bridge and he had no sides to pick only love to give! 


The worst pain in tough times can come from loved ones, especially your partner abandoning you! 

It brings in 

1.immense grief 

2. Helplessness

3. Darkness inside 

4. Restlessness and deep emptiness 

5. Anxiety and outbursts

6. Self-doubt 


As a partner, try to talk, communicate, listen, understand... we understand sometimes it may be so that you are hurting too, and they are maybe not right... but in this case, seek therapy, communicate but don’t get into Hurtful words, abandonment! 

Partnership and love are the opposite of it! 

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