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Worst thing in life is to see your own daughter lifeless and broken. I had to see it as a father 

Rajnish Malhotra

My daughter who has been my pride since childhood. My daughter for who I have worked late night at work, just to make enough money so that I could buy her favorite things and I could see the sparkle in her eyes. 

My daughter who would only laugh, stay chirpy and come running to hug me.

My daughter who was the definition of life means. Someone so alive, always ready to make others happy!

My daughter who would sing, dance, and always be active.


My daughter was the source of my happiness. I did everything in my life to see her smile. Her one tear from eye would break me. Her off mood would make me ask her all evening, what went wrong and I wouldn't stop until her mood got better...


But the worst pain for me has been to see my daughter in pain...

She fell in love with a good guy but his family didn't believe in good treatment for daughter in laws or equality. She was treated poorly. No one cared there if she was unhappy. No one bothered if she needed something.

She would want to laugh and she would be labeled as being "not having the right values".

She lost focus on her career, she lost her interest...

She really loved the boy even more than me I guess. Because I would try to make her smile but the pain of ignorance, of being less, of being treated poorly was breaking her.

She had only tears in her eyes... She said "Papa it hurts like I don't want to even live", And that was the worst day for me! To see the person I live for, saying she doesn't want to live.

I immediately started her IWill therapy as I didn't want to take any chances with my daughter's wellbeing and health


Therapy helped her feel strong, to see her self-worth, to see how she wasn't losing out on love, it was the upbringing of other person that was the issue here.

The therapist at IWill helped her with trying so many good and new things that really helped her mental health to get better! 

Her partner also joined therapy and the therapist helped him see how abusive the relationship had been for my daughter, how much she had been ignored in a relationship where she was no less. She was loved, valued, and always taken care of and it was not for her to be isolated and ignored like this!

Therapy at iWill is helping her but as a father, I can't help but feel bad that parents of daughters give them full love and a chance to grow. How can people hurt them, treat them like there is no one for them? like they have no value? How and where this ego is coming from? Who gives them the right to break our daughter's hearts and with them, our hopes and dreams!

I hope no parent goes through what I have been through and yet I know if you have a daughter, you may have to face her broken heart and dreams, and pain that comes from being treated so differently than what she deserves... High time parents of daughters stand up and say, that they are precious, no one can treat them in a poor way! NO ONE

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